Monday, March 12, 2012

The French Label Experiment.

1. The dresser was begging for a boost. 
2.  I've been wanting to paint a old French label on a piece of furniture.
3. Why not paint a label onto the dresser?
4.  Done.

The weather here in the Twin Cities was fantastic this past weekend.
I was able to paint the dresser in the driveway.
(usually this time of year it's covered in ice.)

  • I found the label I wanted at The Graphics Fairy.
  • I printed it. Took it to a copy store and enlarged it 200%.

  • I brought the dresser into my kitchen and laid it on it's back.
  • I taped the copy in place then traced it with white transfer paper.

  • I used left over cream interior latex paint.
  • TIP: if you try this, use a LINER paint brush. It has a long small thin brush.
  • I kept the original near so I could refer to it and not lose details.
  • It took me about an hour and a half to paint it.
  • When dry, I used a small piece of sand paper to thin in out and age it.

What I learned.
 1.  Next time I'll make the copy bigger to cover the whole surface.
 Or put the label on the side or just coming onto the front.

2.  This dresser has lots of bumpy ridges and 
compensating for them would've driven me nuts.

3.  The fine LINER brush was a huge help and I'm glad 
I ran back to Michael's to get it.
                                 4.   But, I think I sanded it too much.  Next project, I'll hold off sanding.

Not bad for my first shot at it.  
I've got another label in the wings.
Tu aimes? 

xo Jeanne.


  1. love it - so much detail - you should be sooo proud of your work. Love your ideas for next time too! xo

  2. Wow, Jeanne, this is fantastic! I love it! Your painting always amazes me...the lettering looks absolutely perfect!

  3. LOVE this! I think it is perfect and don't think you sanded too much at all! It is Beaautiful!!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Just found your blog. What a fiun project. The dresser looks gorgeous. i think I might give it a try on a smaller scale.


  5. What an awesome before and after. Enjoyed finding your blog~

  6. What a inspiring project! To paint so much fine detail in only an hour and a half is fantastic too. Love it!

  7. Just love you bring it all in the house I do the same thing lately we have not been able to sit at our table and even eat so the bar has been used allot


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