Monday, March 5, 2012

Crazy Fabulous Salvage Warehouse.

On Saturday I pretty much experienced decorating nirvana. 
Or would have if money were no object.
  It began with the Cabinet Maker and I going to Bauer Brothers Salvage in Minneapolis.  

The place is HUGE and packed full of fabulous tear-outs from old homes.
Built in buffets, doors, windows, banisters, everything you can think of.  
 Gorgeous old woodwork. Tons of it. Everywhere.

Entire buffets were for sale. Priced in the thousands. 

Rows of them.
Corner hutches were stunning.

There were huge, gorgeous corbels and column toppers. 
Absolutely fabulous.

I was literally speechless. Everywhere, everything was awesome.
It just kept going on and on.

There were tons of radiators.

The whole place is fabulous.
 I really can't even explain it and these pictures don't do it justice.
If you were building a custom home and cash was unlimited, this is THE place to find character for it.

The hitch for me was that it was freezing inside.
It is a warehouse and there was no heat. 
It was 27 degrees outside and easily 15 degrees inside.
My teeth were chattering. I was close to frozen. I only had a coat.
Had we known, both the Cabinet Maker and I been super wrapped up.

But it was still worth it and thank goodness I'd brought my camera along.
I'd have been so mad at myself if I'd missed these pics.

We'll definitely go back in Summer when it's warmer inside.

Till then.....I'll dream.

xo jeanne.


  1. Is this where the Rehab Addict goes to get her stuff? Looks familiar! Do you watch that show? I LOVE it!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. must have been pure ecstasy!

  3. places like this make me drool!!! I know what you mean about $$$ I'd love to build a house, using all this beautiful old wood. Makes me wonder why they removed it in the first place? thank for showing us a virtual tour ;)

  4. Jeanne -

    I'd never make it out of there! What a fabulous place.

  5. There are a lot of salvage materials here. They can still be put to good use.

  6. Looks like a treasure trove! I wonder if things would be better if these places had a decent warehouse management software. Then again, that would take out the fun of hunting through all of the stuff.


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