Sunday, February 12, 2012

She Got Lucky at the Thrift Store.

No, it wasn't tall, dark and handsome. It was short, blue and vintage.
I spotted the suitcase first.
$14.99.  Sturdy, good bones and not musty.
I immediately saw the possibility of my new bedroom shelves in that old suitcase.
(cabinet maker has a new project!)
Just as I was about to wind it up and head to the checkout.....
The tin sink.
My tears from missing the one in Oronoco began to all dry up.
I scooped it up faster than you could say;
"Wouldn't that have been cute in last week's pantry feature?!"

I really like the hardware on the suitcase.
The clasps are metal and all intact.  The top and bottom are flat - shelf worthy.
The Monarch logo is super cool. It has 1/2 an old travel tag on it.
It belonged to Bev from Cincinnati. So, clearly - I've named it Bev.

My sink. My new old sink, $9.99.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet. there is no way I could leave at Goodwill.
It's door is a little kittywampus but still...
  It really would have been great in the pantry pics.  Sigh.

Then... 6 plate hangers.  99 cents each.
I always grab these and stash them for when I need them.
It's better then running to find them when I'm in the middle of a project.

Mine. All mine. But I can share.

xo Jeanne.


  1. Great finds, that toy stove especially!

  2. Cute!
    That suitcase has some stories to tell...

  3. You are able to find the best things, Jeanne! Make sure that you keep those plate hangers...I had to buy some recently and they weren't cheap! :)

  4. crazy about that stove!! i have been looking for an old tin play stove.

  5. Helloooo. I'm Mary, and I was just having a nice afternoon, visiting my friend Brenda at Cozy Little House when suddenly, there popped up a notice in her BlogHer sidebar and it was irresistible and I rushed over and I landed here. Is this Oz? No? Even better? Well, I should think so. I have just spent the last hour reading your blog. Then, finally, I had the fortuitousness to start pinning, and you'll be ever so relieved to know that I linked every single pin to "Bees Knees Bungalow blog." You're welcome. Yes, well, it's been very nice meeting you and your cohort Linda, and the house you regularly visit and photograph whose name I've already forgotten but whose pictures I remember. And thats, after all, really you can hope for, right? No, I'm not British but I *am* crazy. Stop by to see me sometime, and you'll probably want to visit Brenda at her Cozy Little House as well. Ta-ta for now. :) Mary

  6. That's one good-looking suitcase! And yes, the stove is perfection. Do another feature, perhaps?

  7. Jeanne...Are you sure that stove... isn't a kitchen sink?


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