Monday, January 9, 2012

Room For Change.

 On Saturday,
I had planned to move my son's bedroom upstairs and move ours downstairs.
 I've been planning this for weeks.
Painting the 'new' master bedroom was to be the big move forward.

But, everything in sight was a mess and I was overwhelmed.
I quickly found that I was in need of another pair of hands.
I called Decorating co-captain Linda.
She came to my rescue. I owe much more than the caffeine & chocolate we ate.

This was our project: Bedroom Makeover.

This was the room I redid last year that my son and daughter shared for a bit.
Now that they have their own rooms,
it was time the Cabinet Maker and I moved back into it.
He added crown moulding, Yes!
The new wall and ceiling colors, Fabulous!

We painted this door and moulding solid, as we didn't want it to be a focal point of the room.
 It needed to disappear. It did. *poof*

This is just a teaser as to the changes taking place.

Before - big bad scary fan:

After - fabulous new fixture (teaser!):

I know this is a gigantic teaser for all of you.
But I promise - The end is near, so very near.
All furniture is moved. 
Something I do not want to repeat anytime soon,
since the rooms are on two different floors.
Even the Boy who didn't want to move upstairs - smiled as he crawled into his bed.

 The new master bedroom is looking quite homey and fabulous.
Just a few more touches of the good stuff.
I'll have it up with full details faster than you can say
"Where did I put my reading glasses?"

(Quandie, I can't thank you enough for your help.
You are one in a million.)

xo Jeanne.

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  1. Oh girl! You are such a tease! What is it with that new fixture? Oh wait! I think I see a shade.....

    I had the BEST of intentions to get Baby Bee's room redone during my winter break (for crying out loud, I had 3 weeks) but hubs and I both got some bad colds and Christmas kind of got in the way too. Doggone holidays! Well, I've got several 3 day weekends coming up so hopefully we can get it done. Right now her room is party new stuff, mostly old stuff.

    I just KNOW you will inspire me! If not, then we're all moving into your house! HA!


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