Monday, January 30, 2012

The Ones That Got Away

Perhaps it's happened to you. 
That item you saw at a sale, a store or a thrift store.
You thought for a moment too long, went back to get it and it was gone.
Drat! If only you hadn't hesitated.
I've had a few of my own.  I even have examples of some of them. 
Because apparently, I am a crazy person
and like I to relive the sting of the fabulous ones that got away.

At Oronoco over the summer; Why oh why didn't I buy this old top hat?
I could have used it to decorate 10 times since then. Sheesh.
I even posed with it. But did I buy it? No.

This darling  vintage child's vintage kitchen play set,  $20.
Left it behind.... Sob. I'm still cryin' over it.

At a garage sale I went to in California this past Fall.
This darling little end table was $3 - and had been marked down from $5.
Nobody was even looking at it.  Poor lonely table. Tons of potential.
If I only could have packed it to take home.

Then the delightful antique mirrors. A garage sale over the summer.
They were $50 each. If only I'd had the extra cash. But, I had to pass them up.
Sigh. They were stunning.

One  of the most tragic 'if only stories' was when Linda and I were garage sailing a couple of summer ago.   It was at a city wide sale. At one house, there was a fantastic antique child's bedroom set.         Totally Fantastic.

Mouldings, turnings, hardware, everything. OLD. We spotted it in the morning. It was still there later in the afternoon. We talked to the homeowner, offered him cash for the set. He had a set price (can't remember what it was).  But, since it was the end of the day, we were hoping he'd bargain. He didn't.   We offered him either $120 or $150. We pooled our cash and offered him what he had left.  
 He said;
"He'd rather put it is his truck and take it to goodwill, give it away and get the tax write-off."
In fact, he said he was going to load it up and take it there as soon as the sale was over.
He was very smug. This perplexed us greatly and annoyed us beyond belief.
 He absolutely wouldn't let us buy it. A total shame. It still irks us.  Meanie!
Oh Well. Darn. Dang. Diggity.
(there's always next year.)

xo Jeanne.


  1. You shoulda followed him to the Goodwill & then offered them the cash after he dropped it off - who's mug now?? :)

  2. Smug mug hope he regreted being so mean.Now that hat Id be crying still too and yes I have had plenty of those I shoulda/woulda/coulda didnt stories sigh lol

  3. You really are a glutton for punishment! And you have photos to prove it! I'm so sorry about your lost finds...the story at the end must have been particularly frustrating. Sometimes I just can't figure people out! Wouldn't you think he would have wanted to sell it to someone who really wanted it?

  4. I have the same regret over so many things such as a Spode blue creamer that was on the shelf at an antique store for many months. At the time I was trying to purge my home of antiques so I didn't grab it right away. The very same day I decided to buy it, it sold. I know because I asked the sales lady and she had just wrapped it up. Boo hoo!
    That man who donated the bedroom set was a dummy and a meanie. The IRS only allows a portion of the donation - not the entire value. He would've made more money off you.
    BTW I pinned the girl's room off on your summer dream house.

  5. I'M crying about the vintage kitchen and I wasn't even the one who passed it up.


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