Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Linda's House: The Pantry Door.

A few posts ago,
 I included a picture of Decorating co-captain Linda's 
completely fabulous pantry door.
Here's the story behind it.

It all began last year when the pantry went from...........
     This:                                      To This:
The new darling pantry was hidden by this door on the left:
(0r, door #1)

Why hide such an adorable pantry? So the search began for just the right door.
Linda searched high and low. It couldn't be just any ordinary door.
This sucker had to be fabulous.
And then, this was spotted on Craigslist:

Perfectly vintage.
 Sold! to the door seeking lady.
It became 'Archie'.  
He was spiffed up, and restored.

He was fitted with old hardware found on Etsy.
'Public Phones' was found at Junk Bonanza last Fall.

Now the darling pantry has an equally darling door.
It brings light into the kitchen and gives dimension to the room.
It's dreamy.

To top it off, read what Linda had to say about the door's history:

"My husband told his parents about the new door and that they bought it from the people who live in the old Jepson house (they all knew who this was), and he described it a bit, his mom said;
 “Oh!  You have a Marine door!  I’ve always wanted a Marine door.”
 Apparently they are famous. Well … famous amongst the old-school Marine people. Many of the older homes in Marine have them because the guy who made them was from Marine.  They are known for the double arched windows. Who knew?
Not only am I in love with Archie,  but apparently he is practically a collector’s item. I contacted the seller this morning, and they do still have another one … may go buy it for the m-i-l to put in her new farmhouse."
Linda did indeed go buy the other one as a house warming gift for her inlaws.
  Super cool. 

That's the Story of a Door Named Archie.
(who was busy raising two arches of his own...they were two arches living all together,
but they were all alone. Until the one day when Archie met this lady.....)
(you know you're singing it.)

xo Jeanne.


  1. Awsome door..I love Archie, I would have bought Archie too and his brother. I have always wanted a walk in pantry but our home doesn't have one "Boo who". One day I'm going to figure out how to have one built for my kitchen.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  2. I love that she put a unique door on a pantry. I have one of those doors too. At this very moment it is a closet door in the basement, I think maybe it needs to come upstairs.

  3. Dreamy pantry, dreamy the addition of the sign. Perfect :) Laurel

  4. It turned out great, nice since you have a window in your pantry. Mine is about the same size..but I would hate to lose my door to shut things up in there! your neater than me!

  5. Love it! I would have to tidy up my pantry and all that good stuff before I could put a pretty door on it! But I so love this!

    Linda did good :)

    Lou Cinda

  6. I love that she put a unique door on a pantry. I have one of those doors too.


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