Thursday, January 12, 2012

The journal made me Draw It.

A few years back - before the blog,
 I had let the creative side of me get lost and I needed to find it.
Really needed to find it. 
So I made a drawing journal. 
 I bought a drawing pad and vamped it up with scrapbook paper and chipboard.
 I named it "Me, Alive."
When I had a picture in my head, I drew it.

I drew what I wanted.
Not perfect.
I didn't care what anybody thought.
I drew for me.

I drew me, unraveling and finding myself.

I drew fairies.

It did the trick. I got creative after a long time of trying to reign it in.
Why did I ever stop drawing? It's great therapy and clears my head.
It awakened the artist in me and helped to create bees knees bungalow.
I'm so glad I took the risk, made the book and let myself play.
And play I do.

Won't you play too?
xo Jeanne.

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  1. Jeanne you are an amazing drawer. I can't wait to show my son your pictures, he likes to draw too. I just love all the details.

  2. OMG Jeanne - I had no idea you could draw! The pictures are great - you are truly a woman of many talents...


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