Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, BRING IT!

So it begins.
Back to work. Back to school.
What a long luxurious weekend. I loved it!
Stayed up late. Time with kids. Time with friends.
A bit of painting. A bit of cleaning.

First, at my house I 'schuzzed' the mantle.
Second, I partied at Linda's.  First, the mantle:

I pulled out my stash of old books, an old chippy mirror and my clocks. 

Second: The party.
Now, when I say "time with friends"-
The actual translation is "drink too much with fantastic people".

The party was the Second Annual New Years Day Hoopla.
(we hold this on Jan 1)
It was at Decorating co-captain Linda's house.
She decked it out in all things New Years, and was fabulous - of course.

 My coffee and sugar can only dream that one day, they will have such a happy home.

Then I went to the toity and found this little set up:
(my spell checker tried to convert that to - titty, tout and toot. no kidding.)

Vintage Christmas bulbs are everywhere.
Take a look at the most fabulous Pantry Door Ever.
 Seriously. I am supposed to go home at live in my house after this?
(You kill me, Quandie.)

 When Linda throws a party,
the attendees about kill them selves to come up with
 the most fantastic hostess gift known to mankind.
True story
**From this point on I cannot be held responsible for the clarity of the pictures taken.**
> This is where alcohol was consumed and photo clarity comes into question <

There is seriously a staging and viewing area for these things. We're pathetic.
(I am dying laughing as I am writing this.)

 I thought a picture of the Spirits involved was quite interesting at the time...
aka: Evidence. I blame the reindeer and lamp, both which apparently distracted me.

We played a trivia game which defiled everything sacred and holy.
Even Linda's game board was fabulous. Until we hung people.
 I hold the vodka completely responsible.

Crazy I tell you. Wonderfully Crazy.
 Now what will you do in 2012?

xo Jeanne.


  1. Wow! What a party! Can I get an invite to the next one???

  2. I agree...that sounds like one fun party. And the hostess gifts look fantastic too! But that pantry door is what really had me drooling!

  3. OK, I want a pantry door EXACTLY like that one!!! Well, first I have to get a pantry, but...

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday again this week, Jeanne! Happy New Year! And it sounds as though you've gotten off to a "happy" start already. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Where Can I buy Kinky liqeur? Is it apple flavor?


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