Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Winer Idea's House; Pt. II

Come on in the front door. These silver coffee pots are totally cool and classy.
Soon to be mimicked on my own front door.

When walking into the house, looking to the left, you enter the dining room.
Completely done to the hilt, the mirror theme continues.
The silver on the door was just a precursor to this:
Silver platters in a wreath shape on the wall.

Did you get a load of that bed frame?  Hello. Fabulous.

The kitchen. Cozy.
A ladder hangs above the butcher block island.
It holds pots and a colander light.

The wallpaper is made up of paper place mats. Clever.
Dig the vintage caddy shelf.

Off the kitchen is a bathroom.
This go-round the designers put in a giant mirror. It works really well.
The shelf is old porch trim. Cool.

Next time - we're heading upstairs.
Here's a peak at Quandie and Lacqui - up to shenanigans.

More to come!
xo Jeanne.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Winter Ideas House; Pt. I.

It's here! Winter in Minnesota.
Well, not just that.
But thank goodness it's also time for Bachman's Ideas House, done Winter style.
Linda and I went, we conquered, we liked it.
The designers really did step it up and went all out winter cozy.
I'm starting downstairs with the living room. It is sparkly and inviting.
It's also handy if you have a fantastic antique crib
 laying around that you can use as a coffee table.

You have to be loving the old porch railing and the mirrors. Dreamy.
(Hanging the stocking on the railing is a nice alternative to the mantle.)

The vintage vanity mirrors inside the fireplace are fab.
The upper half of an old door frame - throw it on your mantle.

 The designers brought a lot of outdoors in.
Concrete garden statues and urns. Why store them in the garage for winter?
Bring 'em in! Fabulous!
I know I'll be hauling mine in asap.
Now, if only my dog Mike could fit in a darling suitcase bed.

There is a sun room which my camera always seems to forget.
Not this time. It holds the Christmas tree.
And the bird cages. And the garden trellis - more outdoors in.

(Those candles are faux, battery operated.)

More to follow! Stay tuned!
xo Jeanne. 

*please note*
I am not involved in any way in the designs/decor in the house.
I am merely a spectator.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Thanksgiving.

It was freezing last Thanksgiving Day.  Dangerously cold. 
 The wind chill was below zero. 
No one should be outside very long in that kind of weather. 

Paul, the husband was loading the car with the food we’d made to take to my in-law’s.  As I was walking through the kitchen, I heard him talking to someone on our front walk.  I thought maybe it was a kid stopping to talk to my son. (Why would a kid be out in this cold?)  Onward I went, getting ready to head to our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Then it got weird.  I went out to get in the car. As I approached, I saw a woman sitting in the passenger seat. Ummm. Hmmm. All the kids were in the car too. 
 Extremely Weird.

I knew Paul had just been out there so there had to be a VERY good reason why a strange woman was sitting in my car - with my children.   As I said; “ Hello?” to her, It was immediately evident she was mentally impaired. I slid into the car as the kids were looking at me all funny.  I was looking at them too.  With a look of - “everything is under control.”
We were in there not more than one second when my husband got in too. 

 (Back peddling: Paul had seen her first.  He had been loading the car with the food we were taking to my mother-in-laws.  He saw an older woman walking VERY slowly down our street. He’d gone out a couple times but she had barely moved. Because it was so cold,  he took note of it.   When he’d gone out again, she was coming up our walkway.  That’s when I’d heard him talking to someone. And at that point, being the Eagle Scout he is - he put her in our car.)  

In the car, he immediately asked her name, where he could take her and asked why she had been out in the cold.  Her speech was not slurred, but she spoke slowly, like a child might.  She knew where she lived and how to get there.  She told us she lived in a group home close by. She said she had been waiting at a nearby  Burger King for her ride to come get her.  She had called, but they hadn’t come.  So she started to walk. 
She had gotten turned around and that was why she was on our street.

Her name was Jenny. She knew directions and how to get to the group home. 
We asked her about the home. Where she lived, making sure we were bringing her someplace safe.  I still remember her answer very clearly:

“It is where I live, but it is not my Home. I used to have a home.
I loved it. But I couldn’t live there anymore. I miss my home”

It is where I live, but it is not my home.  This killed me.
Paul told her she had done the right thing to walk up our driveway and ask for help.
It was too cold to walk. He made sure she knew she had done the right thing. 

She knew her street, and where to turn.  We pulled into the driveway. Paul walked her up the icy walkway and waited at the door with her.  Someone opened the door and let her in. They were on the phone and they just waved him away. 

I wanted to go back, get Jenny, bundle her up and take her with us to our Thanksgiving.  We left her with someone who had just waved her in. At a place where she lived, but was not her home.  On Thanksgiving. And we drove away.
We drove away thinking “What was that?!” 
What a wake-up call on what to be thankful for.  Something so taken for granted as a home and a family to visit on Thanksgiving. You can bet my kids got the point.

(Occasionally their father flies his Eagle Scout flag very high. We roll with it.)

Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!
Jenny too.

xo Jeanne.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Zombie Wonderland.

You've heard the stories. 
New homeowners who've done house renovating.
They find treasures the previous owners left behind.
Perhaps old family photos, long lost and forgotten.
Even an old note, tucked away in special place for them to find someday. 
Just so the new family will know how much the house was loved. 
Aw, mementos. Makes my heart melt.
I can hear violins playing. I practically need a kleenex. 

Then there's our house! Lucky us!
While pulling out old paneling  and adding insulation to my daughter's new room -
  We found this masterpiece:

C'mon,  don't be jealous.

We all can't have Topless Zombies lurking in our crawl spaces.
Waving at us. Or flashing the 'okay' sign. Whatever.

With their hollow eyes and creepy mouths, they seem to be enjoying the sunset.
Which could be important, if you're a Zombie.

At least they're well groomed.  Check out the beard on that dude.
Plus, she does seem to be wearing a scarf.
As you can see, her neck warmth was the focus here. 
Deflecting from her perky zombie mammary glands.

After this rare discovery, The Cabinet Maker continued on with the insulation.

Monica made us swear the Creepy People were long gone from her room-to-be.
Sadly, Harold and Maude have been relocated to the curb.

I figured it out. They were waving Goodbye.
No doubt to some campy late 60's or early 70's tune.
Peace. Love. Red and Blue People.
Stay Groovy.

xo Jeanne.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just what I needed! Tongue Depressor Storage.

The Cabinet Maker and I had a few hours to ourselves on Saturday. We went grey paint hunting.  I am having an inner struggle with myself trying to find the right color of grey paint.  I believe we hit every home store in our area.  This is what we do on dates.
We usually end up at Home Depot.  Does anyone else do this??  Pathetic.

To show for it, I currently have a ridiculous amount
of grey swatches taped to my bedroom wall. 
Stay tuned for more on the greyness.

Since we were out, I persuaded him to stop at Goodwill.
I caught him on a good day because this usually isn't his thing. 
He relented because I'd buttered him up with Home Depot and all...
We stuck gold. At least a tiny bit.

The ticket roll is for scrapbooking - fab find at $1.99.  Love the blue.
I spotted the old suitcase and did a happy dance. $6.99.
The medical supply jars were a super steal at $1.99 each.
When I saw all 3 jars, I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud.

The suitcase will be part of a TV/entertainment set up I am working on.
I cleaned up the jars and put them in my linen cabinet.

I can't stand commercial packaging, so If I can put it in a jar, in it goes.
 I opted for nail files and lotion in the Tongue Depressor jar.
(we needn't be depressing.)

Cabinet Maker picked out a vintage bun warmer.
Or should I say bread roll warmer... 
(his buns are warm enough.)

I crack myself up.
Happy Monday.
xo Jeanne.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Lacqui met Quandie. Huh? Who?

It was 1997.   I was 8 months pregnant and selling scrapbook supplies at a craft show.
The show was in the basement of a church. Upstairs, while the show was beginning, there was a funeral service taking place.  
This could be considered creepy.   

But since there was a craft show downstairs, after the funeral – the funeral goers went down to the craft show.  How handy!   Grieve, then Shop. A new trend? 
One gal walked up to my booth and wanted to learn to scrapbook.  
Her name was Linda.

I went to her house. We scrapbooked.  We hit it off.  She eventually became my book keeper. We melded into friends.  I coincidentally moved a block away from her house.  We’ve got similar taste – though hers is much better! She’s seen the transformation of my house from the bare beginning. Miraculously,  I was entrusted with the privilege of being asked into her garage sale group. (this is like being given the golden ticket into the candy factory while angels sing.)  That sealed the deal. 

A few years and gazillions of sales later, Linda urged me to create a blog. We’d had a few adventures that begged to be documented and shared with the masses.  She gave me goals and deadlines so I’d make myself get it done.  It worked.  I achieved them. Bees Knees Bungalow was born.  For her help and optimum style in so many things I do – I dubbed her The Decorating Co- Captain.  
She did not ask for this – she earned it.

She’s got far more style and taste than I do.  I basically swear a lot. She puts up with me.  I throw out ideas and introduce possibilities. I’ve got 4 kids. She’s got none. Her house is far cleaner. We stay away from subjects like politics and religion. We prefer paint, furniture, photography and coffee.  These days we scrapbook far less decorate far more.

Together we have the stamina of 10 men and can withstand walking for hours to find  ‘just the right thing’. We know it when we see it. Our energy level is death defying. Pity the fool who messes with either one of us. Our wordplay will outsmart them.

Our code names were created when we’d come across wacky names we’d seen and couldn’t leave them behind.  Thus, Quandie  and Lacqui were born.
They have been put in place to protect the innocent. Or at least cover our tracks. 
I am Lacquisha Shingledecker.  Linda is Quandria Dichausen.    

She is three years older than me. Thus, she will reach 50 first. HAAAHAAA.
I recently came across this picture of two little girls. One blond, one brunette.
One slightly older. The brunette w/ the straight bangs. This could have been us if we’d known each other then.   Little Quandie’s protective  arm slung over Little Lacqui. 

Proof that way back when…. They were waiting for each other, with candy.


The moral of the story: 
Never under estimate a Funeral Craft Show.

xo Jeanne.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Scrappy Happy

Remember a few weeks ago
when I posted about the October Afternoon warehouse sale?
I was stocking up for this:  A scrapbook weekend.
For 3 days, I put down my paint brush and picked up my other favorite thing. 
 Pretty much crazy happiness for a girl like me

 I didn't really worry about keeping pictures in a time line.
I just chose my best pics and enjoyed working with paper and layering.
No rush, no most pages to get done goals. 
Just paper, pictures, glue pens, diet coke and food.
And oh yes, Good Friends and Tunes.

Here is the fruit of my labor. OR, the scraps of my paper....

The gal who hosted the weekend has 2 Cricut machines. Love.
Letters to my heart's content.

It was good to USE the supplies I bought.  It felt great to pick it back up again.
I hadn't scrapbooked in over a year. Shame!
I used idea pages from October Afternoon.
(thank you OA for the inspiration! awesome ideas.)

Hopefully I can book some time to keep it up!
It's good for my soul keep the scissors and paper nearby.

I got the vote of approval from the kids when the 14 yr old said to the 17 yr old...
"come here and look at these - they're super cool."
(hearing that is super cool.)

Be Inspired.
xo Jeanne.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mama says: Wash Your Hands.

As I was getting ready for work this morning,
I looked over at the pictures hanging next to the bathroom sink and thought;
'I can do better.  I have an idea.'
Thus, 'Wash Your Hands, Brush Your Teeth' was born.

Remember this?
This was the original picture thingy I had up for a year or so.
Time for a change.  It's just an old display rack that I bought at an antique show for $2.00
I took it down, took my pics off. Out with the old. In with the older.

I googled "vintage bathroom ads' and 'retro soap ads" to get my images.
I just typed and printed out the little signs on my computer.

I glued the images to throw away cardboard, then cut them out.
 I laminated them so they can stand up to moisture in the bathroom.

I took a piece of burlap ribbon and just tied it to the ends of the wire rack.
Then I hot glued the retro pics and signs to the wire.
 (only needed a small bit of glue and dried super fast.)

I was able to hang it right up.  Seriously the fastest little project ever.

Since I remind the kids to wash their hands and
brush their teeth on a constant basis.....
I figure a little non direct creative help couldn't hurt.

I love the Audrey Hepburn look-a-like
& the gal pointing straight at cha' to get you to brush your teeth.
(Remember MAD TV's Subliminal Man?!)

May your breath be minty fresh.

xo Jeanne.

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