Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you Thrift Store Fairies!

I have so much to share this week, I don't even know where to start.
Projects are lined up that I can't get to fast enough.  Fun stuff! Do I really have to sleep?

Okay, one thing at a time.  I needed to go to Bachman's and buy some Succulents.  Since coming back from California - where I drooled over them - I wanted some of my own.  (where I plan on putting them, I'll show you later this week...tease.) 
I called Decorating Co-Captain Linda to see if she wanted in.  She did!  On Sunday, she picked me up in the convertible and we were off once again.
This was at about noon and the Cabinet Maker says; "So, see you about 4:00?" 
I say: "Oh no... We're just going to buy Succulents. No biggie."
Cabinet Maker; "Uh, huh. Sure. 3:30 then? (maybe we have a record of running long...)

Of course, succulent buying was only a cover. We search practically every nook and cranny of the place.  We do this well.  Anyone near us would think we were insane. Whereas we, of course, know that we are truly savvy shoppers with utmost taste and style.  We comment on things like we invented them and can find a better use for them then anyone ever imagined. 

"Isn't this fabulous?"
"No it's hideous, put it down immediately, are you nuts?"
"You must buy this. Put it in the cart."
"What? This? Huh?
"Yes, that. Buy 3."

And so it goes for hours. 
We probably scare the poor sales girls.

After sufficient succulent and wire basket buying, we headed to Goodwill.  It was to be a quick stop.  I was on the hunt for a fabulous glass jar for my laundry room redo project.  We had no intention of doing any real damage.  But then, (da Da Dum!!) we hit the Holy Grail of Goodwill.  I found my glass jars (Pier 1, no less!) then the hits just kept comin'.
 It was like the thrift store fairies smiled upon us:

The pics are a mix of our Bachman's buys and Goodwill.
The treasure trove was fantastic! We were giddy.
The bookshelf was $4.99.
The dresser was marked down 3 times. It was $24.99
The fab drink glasses were .99 cents each.
We had to go home and get the truck.

Look for them to be painted, tweaked and used accordingly in the coming days.

Quandie and Lacquie. That's how we roll.

"I need an iced tea, I'm parched. I'm buying, you bought the sedum."
"I know you're buying, I'm looking for my chapstick."
"Two iced teas and two cheeseburgers please."

It's insanity.

xo Jeanne

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the 1940's

                                                                         So very Glamorous.
                                                        This is my mom in 1946. She was 18.
                                           She sent this picture to her long distance beau in Indiana.
                                                             No wonder my dad fell in love!

A few weeks later, he sent this picture to her. He was 24.

I've always loved these pictures. While on our trip, I made sure to make copies.
Her darling picture was taken one day during her lunch hour.
  A photographer was offering free pictures, so she posed.
I can see it as one of Anne Taintor's cards.
Caption: ' Innocent or Ready to be Guilty, she could not decide.'

These days, my dad is 89 and quite ill.
I'm glad we went to see him and hoped we helped brighten his days.
And my mom, who is a very young 83.
Still just as adorable as that young girl looking over her shoulder.

While visiting, she gave me a few things.
 A very unique salt & pepper shaker,
disguised as two sweet birds. A wedding gift in 1948.
A pully that I've been drooling over.  Now I finally have my very own pully!
A Sierra Madre bobble that will be fab on a necklace.  I must get busy.
A tiny aqua enamelware pitcher.
A tiny Chintz pitcher for Linda. (which my mom thought she'd like!)

So dreamy.  Thank you mama, pat, kitten.
Make the years count!

xo Jeanne.

Is there life after Vacation?

Vacation is so great. For 10 days we played in Southern California.
My real home, or where my heart is.... Sierra Madre, California.  It's adorable. 
Nestled in the foothills, 30 minutes from the beach, darling homes and artsy people.  
Right now, there are fantastic blooming trees and shrubs.  I took them for granted when I lived there.
Now, I'm drooling all the gorgeous blooms. And the mountains right in my back yard. I miss them!

I'd been to the Los Angeles Arboretum a million times as a kid. It's in the City of Arcadia.
I wanted my kids to see it.  You might remember the house from the TV show "Fantasy Island".

The trees are labeled and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of "Hanging with Hootie"
These plants with purble blooms are blooming everywhere.  Again, I took them for granted.
My mom snapped this great family pic:

Of course, we hit the beach! Lots of beaches.
Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach.
Dreamy. We don't know why we are not there at this very moment.

I'll be back with some more fun.
 I aslo brought home some decorating inspiration.. so cool. 
Time to pet the dog, He missed us.  We missed him too.

Right now, we are wandering around our house all bummed out.
We are a zombie family trying to ease back into reality.
Where's In and Out?  Where's the ocean?

xo jeanne.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Mailbox Post.

This weekend was it! Ta da!
Introducing the fantastic new mailbox post.
Good Golly Miss Molly.  Out with the old and in with the new!
This baby is a far cry from the original. So spankin' fresh.

before & after

Here's how it all went down (or up):
It was hot. It was dirty. It was another long day.
The Cabinet Maker worked like a dog.

Resting on it's roof, we primed it with Kilz and painted it white during the week.
We had the kids helping us dig up the old post.  They thought it was fun to help.
A neighbor saw the action and jumped in.
He's a welder, so he brought over his torch and cut up the old post and hauled it away.
A huge help!

It was time to bring over the post and we were happy!
Until...we found that the original post was cemented in
 from post to post and the full 3 ft. in between.  It was like a bench of cement.
We decided it was best to leave it as is, cover it up and dig fresh holes. 
Not fun, but worth it. Finally, ready for the heave-ho.
It weighs 250 lbs. whew.

Each post hole is 3ft. deep.
Packed with a layer of Class 5 Rock, Cement and dirt.
  • It was time to add the mailboxes.
  • We had bought one for our own box a new years ago had never used it.
  • For the odd one, The box that I painted black, I considered just replacing.
    I looked two places for one that matched, even bought one, got it home and found it didn't match the others at all. So I settled on the old metal one -painted, my neighbor  brought over spray paint he had, so I sprayed it black. 
  • I had cement edging already, so we used it for a flower bed edge.  (easier to mow)
  • Then, it was time to plant, I dug up some hosta, and put them in.  I added Coleous, but I'm not liking it.  I used hosta because I wanted low maintenance.

Last but not least, I made up a quick poem and put it in each box for my neighbors to find.
(they probably think we are insane. but I couldn't help myself.)

Just as we finished the final touches,
the mail lady came. She approves!  (yay!) 

Glad it's done!
(done-ish, I'd like to tweak it just a bit.)

xo Jeanne
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