Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take a break! {Come see the garden}

This is for everyone who just may be....
blog surfing at work (what!? never!) and wondering:

"How in the heck am I going to make it to Friday with my co-workers dropping like flies and heading out early to super fabulous 4th of July destinations?  Sheesh?! "
But since you've put on a fresh coat of self tanning lotion & worn fantastic summer sandals to the office...go ahead and send an email & refill your coffee. 

And as you think of the sun shining outside...take a virtual walk thru the annuals and perennials that are in full bloom.  It's far, far away from your cubicle. 
(sorry it isn't the beach, but it's the best I could do.) 

Remember here, when I planted my pots a month ago? 
 6 weeks later:


ooohh pretty.
(perennial delphineum.)

The rainy Summer we've had so far here in Minnesota
has been brutal if you want to see the sun.....but fantastic for gardens.

Here is Decorating co-captain Linda's garden and how quickly it's grown.
Look at the difference. Pop!

Back at my house, the fairy garden is doing well
all settled in it's home.
(read: amongst the overgrowth.)

Okay, now it's time to stretch. Enjoy your long weekend!

happy & safe 4th!

xo Jeanne

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Screen. Jewelry. Sparkle too.

  • Is your jewelry displayed in a super cool way?
  • Is it easy to grab when you're flying out the door on your way to work or play?
  • Do you hang your earrings up or fling them in a dish? How about this?

This is Decorating co-captain Linda's 'jewelry box'.
The screen is from a haul we picked up free. She added the '63.' 
(Tim Holtz scrapping supplies.)
Notice the wire hung across to hang danglies.
The spool idea came from the Bachman's Spring Ideas House.
The little drawers were $4. each. They hold bracelets.
The clip is  junk genius.

I headed over to paint "sparkle."
I used my usual technique.
I played with fonts and changed the 'S', making it much bigger then the rest.
Then printed it on my pc.
Taped it in place, then traced the letters with Transfer Paper underneath.
I painted it with silver paint. (Ceramcoat)
This took all of 10 minutes to do.
  •  When the paint is dry, lines can be erased with a magic eraser.

Famous Quote of the Sparkle Painting Night:

Quandie: How do you do that so easily?
Lacqui: Huh? I just paint it.
Quandie: It must be the paintbrush.

Sigh. Followed by fits of laughter.

xo Jeanne
(the magic paintbrush.)

Now go take your jewelry out and make it fabulous.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Mailbox.

I confess. The jig is up.
This is a really bad row of mailboxes. 
It's just crazy to have something this decrepit anywhere near
the 'ol bees knees bungalow. I like old rusty things, but this ain't it.
Disclaimer:  The steel posts were here long before I was

 Our house is over 60 years old.
The original owners had a nearby welding shop.

I'm sure they whipped this baby up in no time...
and here it's been ever since. 
Serviceable in 1950.  Time to be redone in 2011.

Confession: The rustiest one is ours.
I'm sure it's been there as long as the house.  

Dude, this is pathetic.

It sits across the street from our house.
Sadly, our sweet neighbor who owns the property it sits on - passed away last summer.
He had always planned to make a new one.
(I miss him. We'd always yell; "hi neighbor!")

The job has passed to The Cabinet Maker (aka - husband).

 The old one has got to go.
  • We have the wood and all materials already.
  • I've checked with our City for specs.
  • We've drawn it up & measured it out.
(I've also bribed The Cabinet Maker accordingly.)

Hopefully over the 4th of July weekend,
we'll be celebrating a new row of mailboxes.

It will bring a tear of joy to my eyes!
(our mail lady may faint.)

xo Jeanne.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

I've got a thing for mirrors.
 Especially old ones with etching.
They, among other things, have me at hello.
The little wall at the foot of our main hallway needed some brightening up.
Mirrors were just the ticket!  Seriously Adorable.

(You didn't think I'd do it without being clever did you?)

I collected the mirrors from garage sales and an occasional sale in May and early June.
You haven't seen them because I didn't take pictures of every sale. (gasp!)
It's been so rainy that I haven't brought my camera along each Saturday.

The frames I have had forever and just pulled them out of my stash.
I simply printed the "Mirror Mirror" from my computer. 
Would the evil queen mind?

Here's a before pic of the hallway.
As always, I played with the layout before I hung it.
I'm sure to find more and add a few.
I had to hang them high enough so the kids won't destroy them....

Who's the fairest of them all?

Why, me of course!!

xo Jeanne

Monday, June 20, 2011

4th of July Banner & How To.

I started thinking a couple of weeks ago about the 4th of July coming up.
 I thought I'd get ahead of the game for once (a miracle!)
& whip something up for the mantle. 

Materials I used:
  • silver glitter
  • tacky glue
  • spray adhesive
  • roll of burlap
  • bingo letters - Tim Holtz.
  • Distress Ink - Tim Holtz.
  • twine and hemp
  • 4 large flags

How To:

I printed "you're a grand old flag", "July 4th" and the bingo cards.
For the bingo cards, I googled 'vintage bingo cards' and searched until I found some
that didn't have a copyright watermark. I printed different sizes.

  • I sprayed all printed words and bingo cards with spray adhesive and stuck them to thin cardboard. I cut them out and hole punched them.   
  • I laid the whole thing out on my kitchen table to get the layout and perspective.
  • I glued the bingo game pieces on the 'old flag' letters. 
  • I glued and glittered them.
  • I made the bingo cards look older with Distress Ink....just by rubbing it around the edges.
  • (While the glue/glitter was drying I did the dishes and made dinner....................)
  • I fastened it all to the burlap roll he ribbon, twine and hemp... I just eyed it. No measuring.

I seriously love the Tim Holtz bingo game pieces.
They were $9.99 for the pack.  I have a bunch left over...yay!
( I bought them at Michael's and used a 50% off coupon.)
I bought the flags at a thrift store a few weeks ago for .99 cents a piece.
I had the twine, hemp (thin twine), keys and rusty hardware on hand.

Now all we need in fireworks...
still legal in MN!

xo Jeanne

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest House: Sue's Style.

My friend Sue graciously permitted me to
 share her lovely home and very fabulous garden.
Her style is simple and clean. Her taste is spectacular. The garden is her haven.
Hosta's are her niche.  Enjoy the view: 

Peak Inside.
The lines are clean and crisp. 
Sue inspires me to throw out what I do not need.
{When my own house gets cluttered I think; "what would Sue do?"
Then I clean it up and clear it out!}

She has some fantastic pieces of furniture.

With friends like this who needs to consult decorating and gardening magazines?!
It's truly a wonderful thing.

Thank you Sue.
(for letting me and my camera in.)

xo Jeanne
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