Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teenage Daughter's Room - Done!

 Sweet 16.
Sorry, no before pics on this one.
Imagine clothes, books, a laptop, more clothes and you're there.
Oh,  the walls were pale yellow - and spattered with different colored paint.
(another one of dad's ideas when I wasn't home. sigh.)
But this is a whole new deal:

{Here's the scoop}
  • MK- (daughter) - has been collecting vintage album covers for a few months.
  •  I hung them on the wall with double sided adhesive squares.  Scotch brand - $2.99 a pack. I used 2 packs.
  • I tweaked the faux headboard to make it less clawish than when I started.  Way better.
  • The painted chalkboard is framed by cut-up album covers.  I didn't bother to measure- just eyed it.
  • The curtains were clearanced at Target - $2.54 a piece- score! The ties are just ribbon - 4 yrds per window.
  • The Paris poster was given to me by my friend Jenny. Thanks Jen!
  • The big white mounted shelf unit is actually an upper we used in a hutch. We repurposed it.
  • For some reason the closet door was taken off a while ago (no memory of this...) but I've had the curtains w/ the puffy ball trim for a while... this seemed the perfect home for them.


I really like how the faux headboard shaped up.
The album by the standing lamp - we put a hook in the center.

It was a REALLY great way to have her clean out her dresser drawers..the dresser is now gone.
She was also able to clean out enough to get rid of a nightstand and plastic storage drawers.
MK is a great kid who deserves a great room.
She loves it.

xo Jeanne
aka Mama.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faux Headboard - painted on the wall.

I've painted a faux headboard on my daughter's bedroom wall. 
 It's pretty funky.
This is one of the first steps to her room redo.

Click here to see it Finished - the final touches done.

Not only have I been granted supreme permission
to actually enter my 16 yr old daughter's room -
but she has also let me paint on her wall. 
Perhaps there are other mother's of teenage girls who can relate. 
{The Faux} Headboard
  • She found a picture of a real headboard online, then I made a mock -up drawing of it.
  • I measured 42" on a sheet of paper, marked the middle then folded it in half.
  • I drew half of the headboard design. (think of how you made Valentine's where you were a kid - making 1/2 a heart on a folded piece of paper, then cutting it out and opening the page.  It's the exact same thing.)
  • After cutting it out - revealing the full size, I taped it on the wall.
  •  I just used a pencil and followed the outline.
  • Then I painted it, 2 coats.
This is just a teaser as it's not done.
I need to tweak it a bit.
Here's the colors my daughter has put together:

Here is my own drawn design - which she vetoed.
She's going hip and this was too princess-y.
(I'll save it for another sweet girl.)

{I still think it's fabulous.}

The room is coming along tre' chic  - stay tuned!

xo Jeanne.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giving a Friend the World.

My Friend Jen is doing a globe theme. 
She asked my my opinion of how to incorporate it into her decorating.
I suggested going with a travel theme.  Then she could branch out from round globes. 
She could bring in maps, old suitcases and other fun things. 
About this time I spied a blog where a gal had painted a sillouette of the world on her wall. 

I knew this was it!  That was in December.
We set a date for February for me to paint it on Jen's wall. 
That gave us time to gather our materials and research how to do. 
Time flies and this past weekend was it! 

{Here's how we did it}
I googled "world map sillouette" and printed it.
Jenny took it to to a copy shop and had it printed on mylar - 80 cents.
She rented an overhead projector - $22.00
She bought pint of paint, Dutch Boy - Barley Hops.

We set the projector up and positioned the mylar where we wanted it- then taped it in place.
(we just played a bit and eyed it - nothing fancy)
Then I simply traced it.

And then painted.
2 coats, it took me 4 hrs.
I cut it in with a small brush, then filled in the larger parts with a bigger flat brush.

Chloe the Cat gave me company.

It was an fun and easy project to do. Instant art.

Thank you Jen for asking me!
I am happy to give you the world.
You can sit under it anytime you like.
{Just remember not to carry it on your shoulders.}

xo Jeanne.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redressed the Desk... Tick Tock!

With this, I had some fun.

I wanted to change my desk area up a bit.
The original flags were fine, but I wanted to be a bit more eclectic and vintage-y.

I wanted clocks and words and wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off.
 So just got my materials ready and went with it. 

I googled 'vintage clock face', found what I liked and printed 5 of each.
Then I typed some of my favorite 'words of the moment' and printed them,  font size 200.
I spray glued it all to thin card board. (spray adhesive is my must have craft item)
Then, I cut each piece out. (I didn't worry about cutting the clocks perfectly round.)
Next, I punched a whole in each piece.

First, I nailed up the burlap ribbon.
 I laid the clocks and words out in a line on the desk.
Then just tied each piece to the burlap with twine. 
I started at the right, then just tied as I went along.

I added some stuff along the way.  A few vintage pins. A crucifix and a skeleton key.
The birdie - I have been wanting to draw for a while.  Good to finally do it.

The Cabinet Maker made a little shelf to hold the printer so I moved that over.
I pulled out my vintage typewriter to add character.
The silver coffee pot is this week's thrift store find- $3.99.
A perfect place to hold my paint brushes.
The cool note cards are from
She made them.

I'm not sure quite what it actually IS, except for maybe
 'chalkboard bling'  Hey! I like it!

I could also easily move it to the fireplace as a banner, which would look fab.
It was super easy to make.
if you can make photcopies and tie knots,
you can make this baby.

xo Jeanne.

   {i agree}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Valentine's for School.

For all the mom's who'll be searching for and/or making Valentine's
for their child's class this weekend - I thought I'd lend some help. 
I don't like the cheesy cheapy Valentine's sold in stores.
 Believe me, in desperate moments I've bought them.
But it bugged me because I knew I could do better and get my kid more involved then just writing their name. 

This year, here's what I did. 
 I searched online for some decent Valentine printables.  This is what I found that I liked:

Love Birds:

Love Maze:

Great site with printable pages:

I picked the love birds coloring page & printed 30 sheets on colored paper.
 I bought 2 bags of Hershey's Kisses. 
   I had the stickers already and this was a great way to use them up! 
Any zip-loc baggies will do.

 To get my 8yr old daughter up to the task,
I arranged a table ensemble of everything so she'd feel super special.
I had her write her name on all the sheets, then fold each one. 
 She put the folded sheet into a baggie then added 3 kisses. 
 She totally dug doing this. 

I hope this gave you an idea or two. 
And to warm your heart, here's an anecdote.
This morning dropping her off at school, Moni looked up at the car thermostat and said;

"Look Mama, it's minus 11!"

True story....brrrrrrrr.  I let the car warm up for 20 minutes.
 Again, I moved away from Southern California why??

xo Jeanne.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Collage or 70's Sitcom?

 I've put off this mini project for a bit:
Hanging pictures.
  I couldn't help but sing The Brady Bunch theme song while putting this together.
If you look real close, do we start looking up and down at each other?
Jan! Marcia! Bobbie!

Usually I just whip things up right after painting a room - not this time.  A few months ago the livng room was painted  a deep beige.  My style has moved away from the shabby chic look and gone more retro/elcectic with the black tar paper fireplace.  I wanted to continue on with the black and white theme. The wall was looking pretty bare.

 I wanted to do a photo collage. 
I enlarged a favorite picture of each one of us to 5 x 7.   
The typewriter pic - I took.  The L is for our last name.
The 6 is because we are a family of six. 

I layed the frames on the floor and played with the arrangement till I got them how I wanted them.
Paul is the measure man, so he hung them. We measured how long the wall was, then chose the center.
We measured the the whole layout was 49 x 24. 
He then measured down from the ceiling where each nail should be.

For taking the typewriter pic, I walked around my house looking for interesting things. 
 To get the close up in focus, I set the camera to 'macro'. 

The L and 6 I just printed from my computer.

The frames are 'Ribba' from Ikea. 
2 - 5x7 @ 2.99 ea.
6 - 8x10 @ 4.99 ea.
1- 12 x 16 @ 9.99

I think it spruces up the living room.
As long as I was in the living room - I took some new fireplace pics too.
It's not super glamorous as this is where the tv is and the kids mostly are and the way to the kitchen.
Picture a ball flying through the air and you're as good as there.

And last but not least: Reality.  Mike the Dog.

(I'm taking a break from the kid's room progress while I gather some materials. )

I'm glad these pics are finally hung! 
Why did I put it off so long?

xo Jeanne.

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