Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thar She Blows.........

Last week I was in California to assist my mom with moving.  
 However, the week did not go as planned. I arrived a day before wind storms hit.
  There was talk of the Santa Ana winds coming - and come they did.
The worst storm in years.

On Wednesday, before the wind, I spent time with my mom.
She's moved to a hip retirement living place.
 Being the 'new gal' my mom was invited to dinner. We sat at a table of 9.
All were in there 80's and 90's. The conversation was darling. 
How can it not be? Two of the gals names were Phila and Jetsy!? 
 In her prime, Jetsy did movies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Pretty cool. 

When I got back to my sister's house on Wednesday night, trees had already fallen and the power was out.  My sister and I stayed up listening to the wind hit the house and creek through the walls. When we woke up the next morning, we went out to look for a cup of coffee.  That was when we saw how bad the wind had gotten.  Trees were down everywhere. Huge trees, we'd seen our whole lives - down.  Power lines down.  Brush was everywhere.

  This was on every street.  It was quite surreal. Traffic lights were out. Whole huge trees had fallen across whole streets. Blocks of shopping centers were without power. Everything was closed.  We finally found one open donut shop, happily bought coffee and a few remaining donuts. The shop owners were overwhelmed. 

The weirdest part is that it stayed this way.
Because of the widespread damage, there simply weren't enough crews to clean it up. 
We didn't even see any power trucks or crews until day 3. Our power was out for 4 days.
I didn't have my camera with me, here's a few pics I snapped later:
See that wall of green in the street? Giant tree.

This is an historic landmark in town. It was sad to see the huge branch down.

But good memories were made too.
We did a lot of card playing by candle light. 
I had a few heart to heart talks with my sis by the fire.
I found out I really like Screwdrivers! (vodka and orange juice, a dreamy combo)
 I got to spend more time with my fantastic niece Courtney. ( i f'n love you, girl.)

But what do you when the power is out
 and all stores are closed except Nordstoms?
You get make-overs of course!
 My family does power outages right.  Seriously, Nordstroms was on a generator.
(They're not fools. It was December 1st, prime Christmas shopping.)

 We hit the NARS counter. I was a NARS virgin.
Have you heard of NARS? I hadn't.
Ohhhhh, but now I have.
We had to go with a 'fresh face' (sans makeup).
So there's me, no makeup and non-blow dried hair. (remember, power was out.)
It was basically a nightmare. Walking into Nordstroms with crappy hair and makeupless.
Somehow, I survived.
Here's my embarrassing 'during' and the fabulous 'after'.

How about those peepers! I bought everything on that face. LOL.
Whoever that gorgeous woman on the right with the great eyeshadow is -
I hope I meet her again. Ha!
NARS has fabulously named their products.
My blush is 'Sin.' My lip gloss is "Hotness."  Hello. True.

Next up:
I have a few treasures that I was able to bring home from my parent's house
 - before all was given away.  (boohoo)
xo Jeanne.


  1. Wow! You look great! I have some of Nars' infamous blush, and I love it.

    It sounds like in some ways the wind was a blessing in disguise for you. I'm so glad it didn't ruin your trip, and you were able to have some fun!

  2. Girl, you look FABULOUS!! I have not heard of NARS either? I wonder if anyone near me sells it!

    Glad there were memories made....despite the winds or because of them :)

    Lou Cinda


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