Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Square Wreath gets a Silver Save.

Last year I put up a square boxwood wreath
on the window above my kitchen sink.
Now that it's dry and faded, it's been demoted to front door duty.  
 It hung there lonely for a few weeks until I felt like getting crafty.

Then I saw my inspiration at the Bachman's Winter Ideas House -see it here
Well that did it.  I knew I could fancy up my square wreath.
I have some silver coffee pots already, but they seemed big for what I wanted to do.
Just my luck - I spotted 2 child size pots at Goodwill. Score.
 Darling. (Or should I say Darjeeling?)

The big one was $5.99The smaller one was $2.99.
I snatched them up. (mine!)
I bought the checked ribbon at Goodwill too. 99 cents.

The pots were pretty tarnished and usually I'd just leave them that way.
But I had the hankering to clean them up.
So I gave them a quick polish with toothpaste and a damp paper towel.

I strung them up and tied them to the back of the wire form. done.
It took me 10 minutes.

I can easily change the ribbon color and toyed with putting a bow in front,
 but I like the boxwood fluffiness. 

A nice $10 save for an old wreath.
Merry Merry!

xo Jeanne.


  1. You lucky duck! What fantastic Goodwill finds. I can't believe you found that cute checked ribbon there too. You can never go wrong with looks especially cute hanging in your wreath. Love it!

  2. LOVE this!! We NEVER have good stuff at our Goodwill...I just do not get it!! :(

    I LOVE this wreath and the little silver teapots are is the ribbon!

    LOVE it!!

    Lou Cinda

  3. OMG! I am not the only one decorating with silver cups on Christmas! This year my tree was threatening to topple over but it was beautiful and silvery.

    Great blog, ever so glad I found you.




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