Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Show and Sip

Hi! We've made it through Christmas.
The kids are out of school for a week and now we wait for New Year's Eve. 
Kind of like a Party Holding Pattern. 
To make it through the week:
 Don't destroy the house. Make sure there's enough groceries.
Put away the holiday decorations you just put out.
And finally, get busy testing Martini's. Your girlfriends are counting on you.
While you're testing, I'll show you this:

As usual and once again, I am cleaning out the old, and bringing in the older. 
 When I was cleaning out my mom's house a few weeks ago,
I showed you a few Christmas decorations I'd saved. 
You bet your bippy that wasn't all I brought home....
I packed a whole suitcase full of odds and ends. 
I've been waiting for a table not to be full of tape and wrapping paper so I could show you some of the fab and fun vintage things mom had saved for me. 

Turns out my mom had this lovely silver I hadn't remembered.
Surely I'll think of something delightful to do with these sweet pieces.

My sister spotted this Little Golden Book we've had in the house
 as long as we could remember.
It was in the give away pile. (gasp.)
She snatched it up and saved it for me.
 (thanks cathy.) You good little kitten!

These things may look as common as can be. Don't be fooled.
That little tin measuring cup has been working like a dog for 60 years.
It's measured more flour than you can imagine. I am so happy my mom saved it for me.
She also saved the biscuit cutters
after she'd seen the ones I'd put on the red dresser.
I'm happy to have 2 more.
The keys & bolts I grabbed from my dad's dresser and garage.

Last but not least, a little box full of Rosaries.
How sweet is that?

They are old and and well loved.
Now go say 12 Hail Mary's and promise not to hit your brother.

In case all this has made you uncontrollably thirsty:
To aid in Martini searching and testing, I've found this site:

xo Jeanne.


  1. Lovely silver! Lucky girl! Enjoy this week off (or rather on - depending on how you look at it). I still have two weeks. Today was selfish day - I just read books and puttered on the computer - pajamas all day! Off to go check out the martinis now! Merry (late) Christmas!

  2. You have picked some wonderful treasures. Have a great week with the kids.

  3. I'm not much of a martini girl, but I do love margaritas!! I thought that the kids were going back to school after New Year's, but then my youngest reminded me we don't go back until the following week! So perhaps I should try out those martinis after all. lol!

    Wow, that silver is beautiful! You could never find anything like that new today. I'm glad that your mom saved all those goodies for you!

  4. gorgeous silverware!!! LOve the measuring cup and I have that EXACT Kitten Book. I remember it well from probably 1950something :)

  5. The silver pattern on your forks is called "First Love" from 1937 I believe. I have one piece, a chipped beef fork.
    Donna G.

  6. The first set of flatware is most certainly "First Love". I have inherited a set that I'd LOVE to have re-plated. I'd LOVE to know what you have done or plan to do with yours! I adore mine. ♥

  7. I use the "First Love" silver for my everyday utensils. It was my husband's grandma's best silverware that I decided to make my everyday - I use her good china too - a sweet pink floral edged china. I keep his mom's good stuff for holidays because I don't like it as well!


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