Monday, December 12, 2011

Goodbye House. Hello New Beginning.

Not my house. My parent's house.
With my dad's passing and my mom moving into a much smaller space - nearly everything had to be given away.  She didn't have the energy to organize an estate/garage sale and I live so far away. Everything she wasn't taking with her was given to family members or given away to The Salvation Army.

When I got there, it was basically all gone and the house - nearly empty.  
This is NOT a pity party.  I live too far away to really bring anything home. I know that.
And, my mom did a great job of filtering out what she did not need.  I am so proud of her. But the kid in me mourns for what I did not see go.  Me, the one with the decorating blog and lover of vintage things. I was able to save some small things and have plans for them.

But, since it's Christmas time, I really wanted to find some old ornaments I'd remembered.
I had some time alone at the house one day.
So I searched. And I found them. 

I especially wanted to find these old cardboard houses.
They are brittle, battered and crusty.
And I love them.

Can I give this little chapel new life?
I hope so.

These Santa's hung on our family's tree ever since I can remember.
The ornaments too.
When I asked my mom about the silver garland, she said "old, OLD." 
There is a string of pink too.

I will probably make a wreath out of all these things.
Keeping them together so they don't get separated and forgotten.

{Good god, this sounds depressing.} 
But I assure you, it is not. It's just change.

Wendy: Where do you live?
Peter: Second star to the right, then straight on till morning.

                                                                ~Peter Pan

I love you Pat!
Tally ho!

xo Jeanne.


  1. Well Darn! I live in California, wish I could have helped.. HUgs, Diane

  2. What neat old ornaments! Sorry to hear about your dad.

  3. As a grown-up, I think one of the hardest things is seeing your childhood home be dismantled. All those memories. My dad sold our childhood home after my mom left and it liked to nearly killed me. Glad you got some memories!

  4. I'm glad that you were able to bring back some ornaments. If it's anything like the beautiful jewelry you made for everyone, your wreath will be beautiful!

  5. I can't wait for all the beautiful things you will create in 2012. I've followed you all thru 2011 and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

    Love, Gloria

  6. Oh, I understand the mixed feelings. My mother changed 'her' tree when I was in high school (early '60's). It was lovely, I'm sure, but I missed that which started in 1944. When my dad passed away - many years after my mom - we were closing up the house and one of my children discovered, deep under the eves, a couple boxes of my old Christmas. Some of the glass, an old cellophane donkey with a head that bobs with a slight touch - are now back on view. Enjoy those warm memories every time you see your wreath...

  7. Saw this on BlogHer. Very sweet and bittersweet tale...I will be helping my parents sell their house in the spring. Time marches on for us all and it is nice to have something to remember it by.


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