Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Winter Ideas House; Pt. III - Kid's Rooms.

Hi! I'm back.
I've been out of town for a week. 
Before move on to tell you what I've been up to, 
Let me show you the rest of Bachman's Winter Ideas House. 

The rooms upstairs were fun and creative. Two of my favorite things.
Their little girls rooms have been super popular. This one was no exception.
This giant tree is pretty darn fabulous. I like the swing shelf - A lot!

Arbor for a headboard. Hello. 

Pretty Clever wood plank valance up there.  And...
Don't forget to add a tree in a darling sled! Little Sally would love it!

Boy's room Crossing!
This is 'right on track' with a railroad/roadway theme.
Magnetic paint holds those cars.

I thought the old tires were super cool as a the bed's platform.
(I'm sorry the pic is fuzzy, my camera was copping an attitude.)
And I liked the traffic cone as a light fixture. Awesome patterns on the ceiling.

I've got two more rooms to go!
The more the merrier!

It's good to be back online and back to the BKB!

xo Jeanne.

* I had nothing to do with the designs in the Ideas House.
I am merely a spectator. *


  1. Again, fabulous rooms and ideas! Glad you returned home safely...were you without electricity your whole trip?

  2. these kid spaces have been my favs of your tour so far....thanks so much for sharing!


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