Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Lacqui met Quandie. Huh? Who?

It was 1997.   I was 8 months pregnant and selling scrapbook supplies at a craft show.
The show was in the basement of a church. Upstairs, while the show was beginning, there was a funeral service taking place.  
This could be considered creepy.   

But since there was a craft show downstairs, after the funeral – the funeral goers went down to the craft show.  How handy!   Grieve, then Shop. A new trend? 
One gal walked up to my booth and wanted to learn to scrapbook.  
Her name was Linda.

I went to her house. We scrapbooked.  We hit it off.  She eventually became my book keeper. We melded into friends.  I coincidentally moved a block away from her house.  We’ve got similar taste – though hers is much better! She’s seen the transformation of my house from the bare beginning. Miraculously,  I was entrusted with the privilege of being asked into her garage sale group. (this is like being given the golden ticket into the candy factory while angels sing.)  That sealed the deal. 

A few years and gazillions of sales later, Linda urged me to create a blog. We’d had a few adventures that begged to be documented and shared with the masses.  She gave me goals and deadlines so I’d make myself get it done.  It worked.  I achieved them. Bees Knees Bungalow was born.  For her help and optimum style in so many things I do – I dubbed her The Decorating Co- Captain.  
She did not ask for this – she earned it.

She’s got far more style and taste than I do.  I basically swear a lot. She puts up with me.  I throw out ideas and introduce possibilities. I’ve got 4 kids. She’s got none. Her house is far cleaner. We stay away from subjects like politics and religion. We prefer paint, furniture, photography and coffee.  These days we scrapbook far less decorate far more.

Together we have the stamina of 10 men and can withstand walking for hours to find  ‘just the right thing’. We know it when we see it. Our energy level is death defying. Pity the fool who messes with either one of us. Our wordplay will outsmart them.

Our code names were created when we’d come across wacky names we’d seen and couldn’t leave them behind.  Thus, Quandie  and Lacqui were born.
They have been put in place to protect the innocent. Or at least cover our tracks. 
I am Lacquisha Shingledecker.  Linda is Quandria Dichausen.    

She is three years older than me. Thus, she will reach 50 first. HAAAHAAA.
I recently came across this picture of two little girls. One blond, one brunette.
One slightly older. The brunette w/ the straight bangs. This could have been us if we’d known each other then.   Little Quandie’s protective  arm slung over Little Lacqui. 

Proof that way back when…. They were waiting for each other, with candy.


The moral of the story: 
Never under estimate a Funeral Craft Show.

xo Jeanne.


  1. Sniff, sniff.

    OMG Lacqui - this brings a tear to my eye.

    I'll always have your back, just like in the photo.

    Love you!

  2. And because of Linda's interest, I got hooked too! I remember the funeral service too - and what a great "pick me up" it was to go to the craft show 10 steps away! Funny how things happen that way...and how someone's death (God Bless Pat's Mom!) brought together so many other people!

  3. I love this story. I relate because I always find myself doing things "normal" people don't seem to get themselves into. ie: the craft show that ends up coinciding with a funeral. But, in the end, it's ended up for a much more interesting life!

  4. A great story, you have a nice way with words. You made me chuckle out family are staring at me right now! :)
    Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  5. What a great story and I loved hearing it.

  6. You made me smile! It's a great story, and an awesome moral!

  7. I am sending this post to my BFF. It is how I feel about her and we have names for each other, too.


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