Monday, November 14, 2011

Scrappy Happy

Remember a few weeks ago
when I posted about the October Afternoon warehouse sale?
I was stocking up for this:  A scrapbook weekend.
For 3 days, I put down my paint brush and picked up my other favorite thing. 
 Pretty much crazy happiness for a girl like me

 I didn't really worry about keeping pictures in a time line.
I just chose my best pics and enjoyed working with paper and layering.
No rush, no most pages to get done goals. 
Just paper, pictures, glue pens, diet coke and food.
And oh yes, Good Friends and Tunes.

Here is the fruit of my labor. OR, the scraps of my paper....

The gal who hosted the weekend has 2 Cricut machines. Love.
Letters to my heart's content.

It was good to USE the supplies I bought.  It felt great to pick it back up again.
I hadn't scrapbooked in over a year. Shame!
I used idea pages from October Afternoon.
(thank you OA for the inspiration! awesome ideas.)

Hopefully I can book some time to keep it up!
It's good for my soul keep the scissors and paper nearby.

I got the vote of approval from the kids when the 14 yr old said to the 17 yr old...
"come here and look at these - they're super cool."
(hearing that is super cool.)

Be Inspired.
xo Jeanne.


  1. You are quite the talented scrapbooker! You're kids are right...these pages are super cool!

  2. Your pages are simply gorgeous!

    We must scrap more often.

  3. I was inspired just watching you. And listening to the occasional outburst of "psycho freak" which apparently is part of a song you were listening (and singing out loud to)on the iPod. Hilarious! We simply MUST go again.....

  4. Wonderful scrapbook pages! I heart October Afternoon too.


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