Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Zombie Wonderland.

You've heard the stories. 
New homeowners who've done house renovating.
They find treasures the previous owners left behind.
Perhaps old family photos, long lost and forgotten.
Even an old note, tucked away in special place for them to find someday. 
Just so the new family will know how much the house was loved. 
Aw, mementos. Makes my heart melt.
I can hear violins playing. I practically need a kleenex. 

Then there's our house! Lucky us!
While pulling out old paneling  and adding insulation to my daughter's new room -
  We found this masterpiece:

C'mon,  don't be jealous.

We all can't have Topless Zombies lurking in our crawl spaces.
Waving at us. Or flashing the 'okay' sign. Whatever.

With their hollow eyes and creepy mouths, they seem to be enjoying the sunset.
Which could be important, if you're a Zombie.

At least they're well groomed.  Check out the beard on that dude.
Plus, she does seem to be wearing a scarf.
As you can see, her neck warmth was the focus here. 
Deflecting from her perky zombie mammary glands.

After this rare discovery, The Cabinet Maker continued on with the insulation.

Monica made us swear the Creepy People were long gone from her room-to-be.
Sadly, Harold and Maude have been relocated to the curb.

I figured it out. They were waving Goodbye.
No doubt to some campy late 60's or early 70's tune.
Peace. Love. Red and Blue People.
Stay Groovy.

xo Jeanne.


  1. That is hysterical - in more ways than one! Glad your girl's future room is zombie free.

  2. Yikes! How creepy. When I saw that pic in the headline of your blog, I thought, "Oh no. Please tell me that's not a give-away or something!" Hah!

  3. I think Carol-Anne has a great idea!

    A give-away!

    Surely someone would love to have this zombie masterpiece for their home.

  4. It's not too late! Trash pick up is't until Friday!! You know you want it.


  5. How funny! When we took down some walls in our house, we found somethings too, but nothing like this!! lol!

  6. I totally would've taken that painting off your hands auntie!!! so sad to hear that it went to the curb....
    Heather M.


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