Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mama says: Wash Your Hands.

As I was getting ready for work this morning,
I looked over at the pictures hanging next to the bathroom sink and thought;
'I can do better.  I have an idea.'
Thus, 'Wash Your Hands, Brush Your Teeth' was born.

Remember this?
This was the original picture thingy I had up for a year or so.
Time for a change.  It's just an old display rack that I bought at an antique show for $2.00
I took it down, took my pics off. Out with the old. In with the older.

I googled "vintage bathroom ads' and 'retro soap ads" to get my images.
I just typed and printed out the little signs on my computer.

I glued the images to throw away cardboard, then cut them out.
 I laminated them so they can stand up to moisture in the bathroom.

I took a piece of burlap ribbon and just tied it to the ends of the wire rack.
Then I hot glued the retro pics and signs to the wire.
 (only needed a small bit of glue and dried super fast.)

I was able to hang it right up.  Seriously the fastest little project ever.

Since I remind the kids to wash their hands and
brush their teeth on a constant basis.....
I figure a little non direct creative help couldn't hurt.

I love the Audrey Hepburn look-a-like
& the gal pointing straight at cha' to get you to brush your teeth.
(Remember MAD TV's Subliminal Man?!)

May your breath be minty fresh.

xo Jeanne.


  1. Love this idea and the contrast between the burlap and metal display rack.
    I still get teased for my constant nagging about washing hands from when my boys were younger.

  2. I love how you incorporate these little sayings in your bathroom. I am constantly telling my daughter to wash her hands and brush her teeth...I have to throw brush your hair in there as well :)


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