Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just what I needed! Tongue Depressor Storage.

The Cabinet Maker and I had a few hours to ourselves on Saturday. We went grey paint hunting.  I am having an inner struggle with myself trying to find the right color of grey paint.  I believe we hit every home store in our area.  This is what we do on dates.
We usually end up at Home Depot.  Does anyone else do this??  Pathetic.

To show for it, I currently have a ridiculous amount
of grey swatches taped to my bedroom wall. 
Stay tuned for more on the greyness.

Since we were out, I persuaded him to stop at Goodwill.
I caught him on a good day because this usually isn't his thing. 
He relented because I'd buttered him up with Home Depot and all...
We stuck gold. At least a tiny bit.

The ticket roll is for scrapbooking - fab find at $1.99.  Love the blue.
I spotted the old suitcase and did a happy dance. $6.99.
The medical supply jars were a super steal at $1.99 each.
When I saw all 3 jars, I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud.

The suitcase will be part of a TV/entertainment set up I am working on.
I cleaned up the jars and put them in my linen cabinet.

I can't stand commercial packaging, so If I can put it in a jar, in it goes.
 I opted for nail files and lotion in the Tongue Depressor jar.
(we needn't be depressing.)

Cabinet Maker picked out a vintage bun warmer.
Or should I say bread roll warmer... 
(his buns are warm enough.)

I crack myself up.
Happy Monday.
xo Jeanne.


  1. Hi Jeanne! I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets Martha Stewart's "Sharkey Gray". Have you looked at her paint colors at the Home Depot? She has some very pretty grays!

    My husband and I seem to always have "dates" at the Home Depot! Yesterday we went two of them to find countertops! I have to say that it's not the most romantic place, but it can be awfully fun! :) Sometimes we get crazy and go to Lowe's too! lol!

    Hope that you have a good trip to California! We just had a huge rainstorm, but the weather is beautiful today! Bradbury is a lovely community, and I hope the move is successful for your mom. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  2. LOL! You crack me up too!
    And I LOVE going to Lowes or Home Depot with the husband....I get all kinds of inspired!

    LOVE that suitcase!! And love what you did with the canister thingies....what a great idea!!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. OMG...I thought I was the only person that wanted those medical supply jars! I am going to have to scavenge a lot this summer.


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