Monday, November 28, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Winter Ideas House; Pt. I.

It's here! Winter in Minnesota.
Well, not just that.
But thank goodness it's also time for Bachman's Ideas House, done Winter style.
Linda and I went, we conquered, we liked it.
The designers really did step it up and went all out winter cozy.
I'm starting downstairs with the living room. It is sparkly and inviting.
It's also handy if you have a fantastic antique crib
 laying around that you can use as a coffee table.

You have to be loving the old porch railing and the mirrors. Dreamy.
(Hanging the stocking on the railing is a nice alternative to the mantle.)

The vintage vanity mirrors inside the fireplace are fab.
The upper half of an old door frame - throw it on your mantle.

 The designers brought a lot of outdoors in.
Concrete garden statues and urns. Why store them in the garage for winter?
Bring 'em in! Fabulous!
I know I'll be hauling mine in asap.
Now, if only my dog Mike could fit in a darling suitcase bed.

There is a sun room which my camera always seems to forget.
Not this time. It holds the Christmas tree.
And the bird cages. And the garden trellis - more outdoors in.

(Those candles are faux, battery operated.)

More to follow! Stay tuned!
xo Jeanne. 

*please note*
I am not involved in any way in the designs/decor in the house.
I am merely a spectator.


  1. gorgeous!..thx for sharing those beautiful photos...Happy decorating...Mariaelena

  2. I went too and your photos are much better than mine! I'm doing a "sage" Christmas this year because of their ideas!
    Deb :)

  3. Ooh, wish I was there! I just love it when you go to Bachman's House! Love the idea of battery operated candle in the pretty!!


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