Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Subway Art - Jeanne Style.

A couple weeks ago, I gave you a Subway Sign Teaser.
 I was first inspired by art I'd seen on my friend Shawn's office wall.
A neato black & white quote.
I liked it and it stuck in my mind.
(We see cool subway art on the Internet, but do you actually have one? )
 I didn't. So I made one

The yard stick is held up so you can see how big it is.  25 1/2" x 33".

{Here's how I did it.}

I used a tutorial link I found on Pinterest. The link and tutorial is here.
 It is totally great and walked me easily through it. 
I've been trying to stretch myself and get handy with Photoshop, and this project totally helped.   (It uses Photoshop, but you could create one on Miscrosoft Word as well.)

To sum up the final results:
Instead of a quote, I used the names of my family and pets.
I used my favorite number and the original name of my street.
  • I used Trebuchet for the names. Georgia for 'home' and 'beauty ave.'
  • I played with font sizes to get it how I like it. I purposely put 'home' off to the side.
  • I printed it out on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
  • I took it to a print shop and had them blow it up 300 percent. This cost $4.50.
  • I had The Cabinet Maker bring me home a piece of wood cut 25.5 x 33.
  • I painted it black.
  • I laid the big sheet over the board and taped it in place.
  • I traced the letters using white graphite paper underneath, being petty picky with a straight edge.
  • Then I painted the letters using regular craft paint. Vanilla.
  • The next night I sanded the whole thing lightly, then wiped it down with a damp cloth.

I painted the letters upside down or FACING AWAY FROM ME.
This makes the lettering much more precise and I don't over correct.
When you turn the board right side up, the letters are proportionate.

The process took a couple days.  The black took a day or two to become un-tacky.
Tracing took about 2 hours.
I only painted one coat of white. I didn't want the letters to be perfectly solid.
I let it dry for a day before I sanded.
Plus I had life going on in between.

It's actually the first piece of "art" I've painted to hang on the wall.
Cool eh?  What took me so long?

Now you go make one too.

xo Jeanne.
(see up there, my house isn't perfect. the entry wall needs moulding.)


  1. Love it!! and I love your new header too or am I slow and its not new?

  2. I like how you can see the "OUT" in that final pic. Great shot.

    This turned out fantastic.

    Love it!

  3. Whew, I almost couldn't track you down! Did you know your profile doesn't connect to your blog? It says "profile unavailable" but luckily you wrote your blog name at the bottom. So, I googled you!

    Great job on your sign!


  4. Terrific! Thank you for sharing and inspiring...Diane

  5. Wow, Jeanne, your subway art is just fantastic! I am totally amazed as to how perfect your letters are!

  6. Fabulous job and well worth the time it took. I really like the idea of using family and pet names. Thumbs up!


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