Monday, October 24, 2011

Junk, The Ax-man & Gears.

Over the weekend I found these fantastic little gears.
Steampunk, for sure.  They'll be fun for jewelry making.  I love them.

But that's not the story.
The story is where I found them.
Earlier in the week, my son went to a shop in St. Paul and had begged to go back. 
He said I would like it, "They have a lot of junk stuff." 
It didn't take much to get me to go. 
The shop is 'Ax-Man' & has been there years.  Yes, junk is for sure it's speciality.
You have to have an appetite for it or you just wouldn't get it at all.
  It deals in surplus - but truly no kind of surplus I've ever seen. It's really not explainable.
As in, fantastically weirdly unexplainable.

But (miracle) I had my camera with me...I'll just let my pictures do the talking.
I whipped it out when I began to see fantastic little signs like this all over the place.  

The crap was overwhelming, but the humor was delightful.

Need your very own hyperbolic chamber?
How about a 3 headed baby?
The Ax-Man's got you covered.

Perhaps a new sign for the bathroom....
Or, in case that Halloween costume has you stumped.....
Have no fear, Ax-Man is there for you Babe.

Seriously, now I know where to go to find casters for my pallet table.
really did love these used Water Meters. Oh the possibilities.

I Loved this old clock contraption. Probably a Time Card Clock.
I asked an adorable junk loving dude behind the counter 
 if he had any locks, gears or clock parts. 
He went looking for bag fulls of clock pieces/motors he'd pulled apart.
 Hence, my little gears purchase.
He sold them to me for $2.50 a bag.  Junk Loving Dude was cool.

It's the kind of place....
where you dig your hand sanitizer out of your purse immediately upon leaving. 
But in an odd creepy way of coolness - the place survives.

Farewell Ax-Man. Until we meet again. (0r I need gears.)

xo Jeanne.
(did you spot my fab little 'words' book up there? it's from the book sale.)


  1. OK, you're right ... the words book is fab!

    And if you had a welder on retainer you could do some great things with those old meters.

  2. Really fun...I've never heard of this place??? May have to check it out...
    By the way, I have 3 of those old meters :) Couldn't resist...I like them just "sitting about". Chat soon, Laurel

  3. Looks like quite the fascinating place! Now I want to see what you do with those gears!

  4. What a great shop! Love those old meters. I am your newest follower.


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