Monday, September 19, 2011

The Wedding Suit

In 1949, my parents were married.
My mom was 21. She traveled on her own to marry my dad.

She did not have a wedding dress.
She wore a sensible wedding suit.
She still has it and it's in perfect condition.
While I was there for my "impromptu visit"
(insert -my dad's funeral- here), she pulled it out. 

 It is darling, totally vintage, and tiny. 
My niece Kristen was there too, she is equally tiny and darling.
 She had no choice but to put it on to see how it fit.
Once we saw that tiny waistline...and the collar...and the buttons...
we drug her outside for some pics.

We drug (dragged?!)my mom outside  too.
We couldn't help ourselves. Me and my other nieces.
It was a wedding suit photo frenzy.
We told Kristen that her hair or flip flops didn't matter.
It was the fun of the moment that did.
My mom explained how her hat was and about her wedding shoes.
It was all pretty adorable.

Love is good.
xo Jeanne.


  1. This is so sweet...and I LOVE the beautiful suit!

  2. Oh my gosh!

    Love all of those buttons. It's amazing that your mother has kept that suit in such good condition after all of these years.

  3. How sweet. Her wedding suit looks amazing. Your niece could put on some great shoes and totally wear that now. Your mom is adorable! Great pictures.

  4. What a wonderful post. I love that she still has it and that you had your neice put it on! What a sharp looking suit. I am sure it added some joy and laughter at a somber time.

  5. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing this with us! And, by the way, obviously that same suit could be worn looks adorable on your niece!

  6. IS good - it is THE thing that matters. Treasuring the moments!

    how wonderful that you all just made a new memory!

  7. I'm so sorry about your dad. My mom died recentlya nd when I went to their house, looking through some of her items was pretty difficult, but there is no way that I would have been able to fit into her wedding dress.

  8. OMG... how kewel is that! Your niece looks adorable in your Mom did.

    So sorry to hear about your father.

  9. Are you kidding?? this is so awesome..Your mom has kept that suit all these years and it looks brand new..and she was so tiny..your niece looks great in it..LOVELY...

  10. Uffdah...fabulous Mom, fabulous niece, ultra chic all your posts...

  11. What a nice post! My gram showed us her wedding dress (and her suit tbat she left for her honeymoon in). I wish I could fit in it, but not only was she a size 0, she was only 5' tall!
    It is so special that your niece was able to model it for everyone!

  12. This is beautiful. Your niece looks wonderful and so does your mom. I am sure it took her back many years that day. Oh the buttons and collar are just wonderful.

  13. What a wonderful post -- it's such a lovely suit! I'm so glad you shared it with us.

  14. What a beautiful suit and a lovely story. So sorry about your father. How wonderful the memories your mom must have and what joy your niece putting on the wedding suit must have brought her. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  15. This post is featured on STL Wednesday... sweetest post ever!


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