Sunday, September 18, 2011

Junk Bonanza - Jeanne & Linda Style.

 We went. We shopped. We conquered.
Once again, the blue bug took Linda and I to Shakopee to Junk Bonanza.
It's like nirvana for anyone who lives and breathes junk.
A love for anything old, chippy, rusty or made of metal.
 You walk in and come across booths where you swear you are just plain at home.

There was everything eclectic you could think of.

Lookee here!
We went especially nuts when we saw all these porcelain clock faces
From old pocket watches....
They were $3 each and by far the best prices we've seen them anywhere this summer.
The same vendor also had the tray of rusty toy guns. Hmmm...

  While doing my laundry room, I looked and looked  for carts on wheels.
Here they were.

 We liked this idea of Silver on pipes for the garden. This vendor did it well.
Also, we love the cash register numbers. 
But we can never find any we can actually afford!

The show was actually very artsy. This year it was packed with jewelry.
Many vendors were very creative people who put time and effort into awesome displays.
This chandelier was strewn with necklaces and the dress form was for sale in it's entirety.

I loved this tractor engine grate as a jewelry display.
Frames, I can't get enough.  The chalkboard says it all.

Our stash.  As with last year, we walk out of there with everything we bought in tiny bags.
We always wonder where our money went.  We scope pretty good for jewelry making supplies.
Also, things we know we won't see anywhere else.

Decorating co-captain Linda nabbed the 'Prague' letters.
They are chipboard from the 1930's.
Plus, jewelry making fabulousity and other fun stuff.

I walked outta there with 'estate wagon'...
I have yet to find a home for it, but at $3 I couldn't resist
I too went bobble crazy.  
We both bought the adorable 'good luck' vintage card. $1.
We also both bought a cool 'public phones' sign for $10 ea.

I was on the lookout for some vintage reading cards.
I got a little, um... raw with my humor.

I ran into fellow blogger, Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces.
She was a vendor and had a terrific booth. In fact, it is where we found 'Prague.'
She was exhausted after 3 days of junk-itis. 
 I would post the pic, but she looks ready to fall over
and my lipstick looks like it could reach out and touch someone.  
Sorry Linda!! I hope you are in recovery mode and had a great sale.

Linda and I got there at about 9:30 am.......
and walked out at 3:00 pm.  Crazyness.

Happy Monday Everyone!
xo Jeanne.


  1. You sure made my week! Great eye candy!

  2. LOL! I love you held back that photo- my eyes had just had it! It was SO fun meeting you- you have such a fun personality! LOVE everything you found at was such a fabulous sale! Can't wait until next year!

  3. What amazing treasures! I love everything you have pictured here. That tractor engine grate is a brilliant display for jewelry. Such a deal at only $3 each for those pocket watch faces. Isn't it so much fun to get together with bloggy friends?


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