Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jewels In The Garage.

Whew knew? 
The jewels were there all along.  
I just had to dig for them.
They were just disguised as metal washers, tiny pulleys and extra belt buckles.

Recently I was able to go through my dad's garage.
His tool bench. His precious tools that were always off limits to us as kids.
What looked like junk, I knew was not.
It was well organized, categorized and labeled.

I took what I could send home. Bits and pieces.
Washers, springs, little pulleys that were in bins, perfectly sorted.

I saw them as jewelry I could make for my mom and my sisters.
A little piece of my dad that I can send to them.
I hope they like these sweet little gifts.

I'm just about done with each one.  
Now wish me luck that I can get them to the post office before the next ice age.

On that note, I really hope....
Each necklace, for the one intended, will melt their heart.
They know who they are.  (surprise! smile. kleenex.)
 xo Jeanne.


  1. I'm sure hearts will melt! What a beautiful idea, and to wear something that was once concidered ordinary, carefully selected and organized by your dad.... I'm sure they will treasure them forever.
    Great job!

  2. You are amazing my heart would definatly melt.

  3. oh my word! how fabulous! junky loveliness defined!

    maybe later down the road you'd be up for showing your jewelry making SKILLS (you're very apparently very skilled!) I'd LOVE to do something similar for my sister but am not sure how to connect all the do-dads! Ha - a name for these to show they are you're dad's - Do-DAD necklaces!

    very heartwarming!

  4. Amazing! You have created treasures from the ordinary. What a special way of honoring your dad.

  5. When I first started reading, I thought, "What is Jeanne going to do with all that stuff?". And then, tears came to my eyes. What a wonderful gift!

  6. Those are the most thoughtful gifts I have ever seen. What a friend you would be!!

    Gloria in Virginia

  7. Well they're wonderful!! if they don't melt their hearts I don't know what will? You have such artistic vision! I'm going to look at old bits and bobs completely differently. *winks* Vanna

  8. Oh how I love this! Whadda junk bonanza! So glad I found this on pinterest!

    Had to share it on my Facebook. :)


  9. Your newest follwer and I am so glad I found a kindred spirit.....I love old hardware and I use it in my jewelry also. There is just something about the texture, worn with time, the weight, solid and well made, and wearing this jewelry is like wearing a piece of history, which just happens to be my favorite subject.

  10. You've definitely made the ordinary...extraordiary!! What a wonderful thought and special creations for your family - hearts will melt for sure!

    Have a wonderful day!


    P.S. New follower too!! :)

  11. Nothing like recycling nothing into stylist jewelry. I know they are thrilled. Don't you just love when a plan comes together.


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