Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Garage Sale Stop

On the way home from an appointment today......
My car could not resist the earth's gravitational pull. 
It steered itself toward a few garage sales.  By a miracle, it was my lucky day. 
 The going price for everything seemed to be .50 cents.  

The big enamelware chamber pot, $2. My new potting soil storage.
The clock, .50 cents. (Smile.)
The little tin measuring cup w/ lid, .25 cents. It is old
 (Great for mixing cinnamon and sugar or gravy and cornstarch.)
The white iron stone serving bowl hiding back there is old Homer Laughlin.
It was her mother's.

I thought the jar was usable at a quarter.
I saw potential in the 1975 wood pedestal thingy.  I plan to paint it aqua and shabby.
It will be pretty spiffy when I'm done. .50 cents.

I bought most of these things from a darling older lady.
She was selling the things she kept in her cabin.

She had piles of chenille. Piles.
She had made curtains from  chenille bedspreads.  It was all thick and luscious.
I wish I'd had my camera.
She was selling whole sets for $5.00.
I didn't need a whole set and my cash was dwindling.
I asked if I could have just one and she said; "Sure, how about 50 cents or a dollar?"
I love this woman.

I took it home and immediately hung it up in my bathroomFabulous.

I'll probably go back tomorrow for more chenille.

The cement Mary was a garage sale gift from Linda
 - who had bought it for $1. last weekend.

While at the darling lady's house  -
I also grabbed some giant old glass mayonnaise jars for .10 cents each.
I'll paint their lids.  My pantry could use them for something.

I love a quick garage sale stop - dreamy.
Thursdays and Fridays are the garage sale days here.
Is this only a Minnesota thing? I know it doesn't work like this in California.

I also bought a bag full of Old Navy and Gap clothes for my 8 yr. old daughter.
Total: $11. It was crazy.

Take care of you.
xo jeanne.


  1. You sure scored, I love the prices and the clothes for your daughter those finds always bring a smile to my face! Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh my did you do go or what! I have never been to a garage sale that good. love the enamelware and that chenille curtain is the best!

  3. Love the shape of the enamelware bucket. Totally a find.

  4. I just had to de-lurk to drool over the chenille--although the rest is lovely too. Fifty cents works for me!

  5. Wow, Jeanne, you lucky duck! We have absolutely no wonderful yard sales like that in CA. Wish I could hop on a plane!! Have fun with all your neat finds!

  6. What GREAT finds!!! I love those kinds of yard sales! Fridays and Saturdays are the yard sale days here in the South....Alabama anyway...I go to them on my lunch hour on Fridays! lol

    Lou Cinda


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