Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oronoco. The Haul. The Goods.

8 {eight} solid hours of walking.
Streets filled with antique dealers.
One stop back at the car to unload, re-sunscreen and grab fresh water.

There is rhyme and reason to our madness.
We had a list of things to keep an eye out for.
It's so we can come home with a stash like this:

To the untrained eye, we appear to be nonchalant.
But we are equipped with excellent junk taste and adept bargaining skills.
Linda can spot-and call- the perfect vintage item from ridiculously far away.
I can smell the located item I've been looking for in a 3 block radius.
It's a disease, "cheapvintage-itis."

Below, the Linda bought 3 clocks for $15.  I bought the one with the blue face for $8.
The scale was $5.  The enamel switch plate and rusty shovel were $1. each.
The old jar filled with letters was $4.
The baby shoe wooden forms - we bought the set for $18.
The German license plate - $10.

We both had our finds of the day.
I'd kept my eye out for a dress form all summer at shops and garage sales.
 The price was always out of reach. We'd seen others throughout the day for $195.
About half way through the day I spotted this tattered baby:

She was mouse eaten, very purple and wore a ragged scarf.
But I could see her body was good.
Her price tag said $49. I offered $40. The seller said, "Sure."
Sold! We named her Coco.  Coco from Oronoco.

Linda's happy find were the turquoise doors.
I'm going to say that they were more than $40, but less than $175.
She did bargain.  She really wanted them. She pleads insanity and my lips are sealed.

She also found the vintage lamp stand - a steal at $20.
We saw stands the rest of the day at $65.
It will be paired with the fab black wire basket as a shade.

The Queen Anne Cherries box, was actually bought
because it's filled with vintage letters, $4.

The old mirror and the blue mason jars were all $2. each. The pulley, $8.
The enamelware pot was $10 and will go in a certain some one's laundry room project....

At the end of the day we drove to a tiny town and found a tiny diner.
We drank iced teas and ate cheeseburgers. They were good!

The next day, we took these pics and decided it was
time to shed poor Coco of her tattered purple and her scarf.
I knew here bones were vintage yummy!

Sigh, that's all for Oronoco until next year....But wait! 
Coming up: Junk Bonanza in September. Whew.

Happy Wednesday.
xo jeanne.


  1. We had such a great time!

    Coco looks fab, but she needs some jewelry.

  2. That mannequin! And only $40! Also loving the letter A. Someday I hope to shop there... :-)

  3. You two found some great treasures:)
    I'm saving my (pennies) dollars for the JB too! I think I should make a list LOL!!
    LOVE the letters and those baby shoe forms :)
    Do you sell anywhere??

  4. Love the clocks and the dress form is perfect! Thanks for linking this post up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  5. How envious am I especially after writing my last post lol

  6. What a fantastic haul!!!!!!!!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Loved looking through your haul! Many of your treasures are dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing.


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