Monday, August 29, 2011

The Laundry Room - Done!

It's quite possible.....
The laundry room will never be this clean again, so take a good long look.
 Actually, I'm caught up on laundry.
Maybe it's because it's so much more enjoyable to be down here:

The doll house is over 80 years old.
The dresser, I painted red. I bought it a few weeks ago at Goodwill for $25.
I used vintage cookie cutters as drawer pulls.
A vintage scoop and strainer for the upper cabinets door pulls.
The cherry breadbox, I've had for a few years.  

I painted 'launderette' by hand.

I'll show a side by side before and after in a following post.
Also all the details and how they got that way.
I wanted to get the pics all out to you first, then explain it all later.
You like?

How's this little contraption to catch our laundry from the chute:
The wire basket is attached the the stool,
to avoid tipping over when laundry falls from above.


I'm loving this little piece.
I put it together from odds and ends.

Oh! The lights!
The electrical was totally redone to move the dryer and accommodate the lighting.
2 turquoise Ball jars and 3 Colanders. 60 watt bulbs. Super Fun.
I'll explain how we made them in the next post.

 There's a handy ladder  to hold hang-to-dry clothes.
And I painted and old metal locker to hold towels. Love that '2.'

 Linda picked up this glass washboard for me at a garage sale.
I found a little dress potholder at Oronoco.

The now-open stairs are handy for holding the laundry bins.

Whew. A big job.  If you need to see how far it's come,

It's hard to believe it's the same place.
A few things have to be tweaked.
On the dresser - the top set of biscuit cutters looks like giant nipples.
(have to be replaced.. too 'Barbarella'...ewww..)

I'll give a run down on how the floor and ceiling were painted.
Both are pretty time consuming, but worth it.
Also, how we made the light fixtures.

During the mess, there was one major run to the laundry mat.
Clean underwear and 4 kids becomes a priority. 
Going commando was not an option.

xo jeanne.
(I just love the little red step stool.)


  1. AMAZING!! Wow, you really took that space from dark and a bit scary to light and bright and so adorable! I love your wall color and all your clever ways of using things. I especially love the ladder hung from the ceiling to hang clothes to dry. Brilliant!

  2. I've been following you on this project since you started! Wow!

  3. AWESOME new laundry room!!Many fun ideas. "You did good"!!! My laundry room needs to be updated...wanna help! LOL!
    Nice finds at the garage sale too.
    I didn't go to any garage sales last week. Couple estate sales.

  4. Oh, Jeanne, your laundry room makeover is just amazing!! I especially love the "launderette" sign that you painted!!

  5. it looks amazing! i am in love with every detail!!! love the idea of using vintage cookie cutters for drawer pulls, so clever!

  6. This turned out amazing!! What a fun place to do laundry! I love all the individual touches like the collander lights! Awesome!!

  7. I could not be more jealous of your new laundry room! I am obsessed with the way you used the old dollhouse for shelving! The floor and walls are beautiful too! So happy to have found your blog!

  8. First, the handpainted "laundrette" sign was my favorite- that font was perfect for look. Then, I saw the utensils door pulls, my new favorite. Then I saw..... you get the idea - loved the whole thing.

  9. I am in love with your laundry room! I have been trying to fix up our OLD (1921) basement laundry room, and this is the inspiration I need. I've done it before, so I know just how much work you put into the transformation.

    I'm a Minnesota neighbor from 'da Range and a new follower. :@

  10. It's so charming and gorgeous!! I have seen the dollhouse idea before and have thought about doing that in my own laundry area- yours looks super cute on the wall!! Such a sweet look!! Love the red, the mannequin and everything! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  11. This is just so cute! You make doing laundry look fun! So happy I stopped in!

  12. Love the "DRIP" you placed on the ladder.

    Too fun.

  13. Thank you. I have a dingy unfinished basement with a very similar washer.dryer setup. I now have next summer's project lined up!

  14. Okay, you are a genius. I've just been on your blog for waaaaay too long, getting inspiration for our bedroom redo (started with the plates on the walls. thanks!) and just kept going and going. When I finally got to this one, I had to make my husband come over. And now HE wants to do lights with jars and colanders. So awesome :)

  15. This is absolutely fabulous. Aside from the fact Im jealous of anyone with a whole room dedicated to laundry, you took this to a whole new level. Love it.

  16. OMG!! That makes ME want to do laundry! JEALOUS!! It is absolutely adorable. Love Love Love!

  17. Wow! Who wouldn't mind doing laundry down there? It is beautiful!! I'm especially impressed that it is your basement!

  18. cant wait for the light post- I was thinking of doing this over my sewing desk and was wondering if it would give off enough light to sew by?

    love the laundry chute- we SO need one!
    looks great!

  19. Saw your feature at Remodelaholic! Love this laundry room and all your great vintage finds. I am in the process of cleaning out 16 years worth of stuff that I've moved from house to house and are collecting dust in my basement. This gives me incentive! Following along.

  20. AWESOME new laundry room! So pretty!

  21. waoooooooooooooou, le sol les détails, absolument tout est decouvre votre blog à l'instant, une mine d'inspiration et de petites merveilles, merci du partage! et à bientôt! ;)

  22. Absolutely LOVE everything !!! Tell me how hard was it to paint the floors???

  23. I have been searching for ideas to makeover my unfinished basement in my 1939 cape cod. I believe this is the perfect fit for my needs. I have read everything you have posted and plan to start in June. It is inspiring to see how you have made an unattractive areas into a laundry haven. Maybe I will look forward to doing my laundry once the project is complete :) I will post pictures as I go. Wish me luck!!

  24. I have a similar laundry room in the basement of my 50s house. This is beautiful! I'd love to know how you did the ceiling? Did you clean it (how?!?) and then paint it white with a sprayer? Thanks!


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