Monday, July 25, 2011

Is there life after Vacation?

Vacation is so great. For 10 days we played in Southern California.
My real home, or where my heart is.... Sierra Madre, California.  It's adorable. 
Nestled in the foothills, 30 minutes from the beach, darling homes and artsy people.  
Right now, there are fantastic blooming trees and shrubs.  I took them for granted when I lived there.
Now, I'm drooling all the gorgeous blooms. And the mountains right in my back yard. I miss them!

I'd been to the Los Angeles Arboretum a million times as a kid. It's in the City of Arcadia.
I wanted my kids to see it.  You might remember the house from the TV show "Fantasy Island".

The trees are labeled and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of "Hanging with Hootie"
These plants with purble blooms are blooming everywhere.  Again, I took them for granted.
My mom snapped this great family pic:

Of course, we hit the beach! Lots of beaches.
Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach.
Dreamy. We don't know why we are not there at this very moment.

I'll be back with some more fun.
 I aslo brought home some decorating inspiration.. so cool. 
Time to pet the dog, He missed us.  We missed him too.

Right now, we are wandering around our house all bummed out.
We are a zombie family trying to ease back into reality.
Where's In and Out?  Where's the ocean?

xo jeanne.


  1. Hi Jeanne! I was delighted to see your post, since I was born and raised in Arcadia, and have been to the Arboretum many,many times!! Sierra Madre is a delightful city. I can see why you like it so much. I live nearby in Glendora, another city by the foothills. Glad to hear that you had such a fun time in California! )

  2. I too am a former Californian and I miss it every day! Hopefully I'll get to live there again some day. :-) *sigh*

  3. Such beautiful pictures... I'm sure there are many more where those came from.
    I am starting Travel Tuesdays ~ a blog-hop where we can take a trip with all our bloggy friends. Be sure to stop by!


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