Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you Thrift Store Fairies!

I have so much to share this week, I don't even know where to start.
Projects are lined up that I can't get to fast enough.  Fun stuff! Do I really have to sleep?

Okay, one thing at a time.  I needed to go to Bachman's and buy some Succulents.  Since coming back from California - where I drooled over them - I wanted some of my own.  (where I plan on putting them, I'll show you later this week...tease.) 
I called Decorating Co-Captain Linda to see if she wanted in.  She did!  On Sunday, she picked me up in the convertible and we were off once again.
This was at about noon and the Cabinet Maker says; "So, see you about 4:00?" 
I say: "Oh no... We're just going to buy Succulents. No biggie."
Cabinet Maker; "Uh, huh. Sure. 3:30 then? (maybe we have a record of running long...)

Of course, succulent buying was only a cover. We search practically every nook and cranny of the place.  We do this well.  Anyone near us would think we were insane. Whereas we, of course, know that we are truly savvy shoppers with utmost taste and style.  We comment on things like we invented them and can find a better use for them then anyone ever imagined. 

"Isn't this fabulous?"
"No it's hideous, put it down immediately, are you nuts?"
"You must buy this. Put it in the cart."
"What? This? Huh?
"Yes, that. Buy 3."

And so it goes for hours. 
We probably scare the poor sales girls.

After sufficient succulent and wire basket buying, we headed to Goodwill.  It was to be a quick stop.  I was on the hunt for a fabulous glass jar for my laundry room redo project.  We had no intention of doing any real damage.  But then, (da Da Dum!!) we hit the Holy Grail of Goodwill.  I found my glass jars (Pier 1, no less!) then the hits just kept comin'.
 It was like the thrift store fairies smiled upon us:

The pics are a mix of our Bachman's buys and Goodwill.
The treasure trove was fantastic! We were giddy.
The bookshelf was $4.99.
The dresser was marked down 3 times. It was $24.99
The fab drink glasses were .99 cents each.
We had to go home and get the truck.

Look for them to be painted, tweaked and used accordingly in the coming days.

Quandie and Lacquie. That's how we roll.

"I need an iced tea, I'm parched. I'm buying, you bought the sedum."
"I know you're buying, I'm looking for my chapstick."
"Two iced teas and two cheeseburgers please."

It's insanity.

xo Jeanne


  1. Such a fun post and so many great buys, I don't know where to begin with my favorites that you got!

  2. So funny!! But oh so much fun!!! And what a haul!!

    My girlfriend Sharon and I do much the same thing...we were gone all day long on Saturday perusing in search of treasures!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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