Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Mailbox Post.

This weekend was it! Ta da!
Introducing the fantastic new mailbox post.
Good Golly Miss Molly.  Out with the old and in with the new!
This baby is a far cry from the original. So spankin' fresh.

before & after

Here's how it all went down (or up):
It was hot. It was dirty. It was another long day.
The Cabinet Maker worked like a dog.

Resting on it's roof, we primed it with Kilz and painted it white during the week.
We had the kids helping us dig up the old post.  They thought it was fun to help.
A neighbor saw the action and jumped in.
He's a welder, so he brought over his torch and cut up the old post and hauled it away.
A huge help!

It was time to bring over the post and we were happy!
Until...we found that the original post was cemented in
 from post to post and the full 3 ft. in between.  It was like a bench of cement.
We decided it was best to leave it as is, cover it up and dig fresh holes. 
Not fun, but worth it. Finally, ready for the heave-ho.
It weighs 250 lbs. whew.

Each post hole is 3ft. deep.
Packed with a layer of Class 5 Rock, Cement and dirt.
  • It was time to add the mailboxes.
  • We had bought one for our own box a new years ago had never used it.
  • For the odd one, The box that I painted black, I considered just replacing.
    I looked two places for one that matched, even bought one, got it home and found it didn't match the others at all. So I settled on the old metal one -painted, my neighbor  brought over spray paint he had, so I sprayed it black. 
  • I had cement edging already, so we used it for a flower bed edge.  (easier to mow)
  • Then, it was time to plant, I dug up some hosta, and put them in.  I added Coleous, but I'm not liking it.  I used hosta because I wanted low maintenance.

Last but not least, I made up a quick poem and put it in each box for my neighbors to find.
(they probably think we are insane. but I couldn't help myself.)

Just as we finished the final touches,
the mail lady came. She approves!  (yay!) 

Glad it's done!
(done-ish, I'd like to tweak it just a bit.)

xo Jeanne


  1. Thats brilliant Jeanne your hubby has done a wonderful job and so have you I loved the poem and hope your neighbours said thanks I know I sure would have xx

  2. Gosh Jeanne, this looks great!! What a super project for summer (before the ground gets frozen again). You changed an eyesore into something really pretty, and I love your poem. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Looks great! I bet the neighbors as well as the postlady really appreciate it!

  4. It looks wonderful! What an awesome thing to do for your neighborhood!

  5. Loved this. How thoughtful!

  6. Your mailboxes look great, sooo much better! I have this linked to my mailboxes post as well today, for inspiration!


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