Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the 1940's

                                                                         So very Glamorous.
                                                        This is my mom in 1946. She was 18.
                                           She sent this picture to her long distance beau in Indiana.
                                                             No wonder my dad fell in love!

A few weeks later, he sent this picture to her. He was 24.

I've always loved these pictures. While on our trip, I made sure to make copies.
Her darling picture was taken one day during her lunch hour.
  A photographer was offering free pictures, so she posed.
I can see it as one of Anne Taintor's cards.
Caption: ' Innocent or Ready to be Guilty, she could not decide.'

These days, my dad is 89 and quite ill.
I'm glad we went to see him and hoped we helped brighten his days.
And my mom, who is a very young 83.
Still just as adorable as that young girl looking over her shoulder.

While visiting, she gave me a few things.
 A very unique salt & pepper shaker,
disguised as two sweet birds. A wedding gift in 1948.
A pully that I've been drooling over.  Now I finally have my very own pully!
A Sierra Madre bobble that will be fab on a necklace.  I must get busy.
A tiny aqua enamelware pitcher.
A tiny Chintz pitcher for Linda. (which my mom thought she'd like!)

So dreamy.  Thank you mama, pat, kitten.
Make the years count!

xo Jeanne.


  1. Oh jeanne how beautiful was she and how handsome was he.You can still see the young people in them.Life and age goes so fast and its wonderful you still have them with you.
    My mum was born in 1946.Thanks so much for sharing their beautiful pics and stories and what wonderful heirlooms you have got.

  2. Love the items you received. Is the fabric that they're on something you've already owned? It's so pretty!
    Love the photos of your parents!

  3. Ooooo, can't wait to get my hands on the pitcher!


  4. I really enjoyed this post. I just love the photos of your parents! That is such a great glamour shot of your mom and your dad was such a handsome young man as well. You must have really enjoyed your visit with them, and I just love the silver bird salt and pepper shaker!!

    I sent you an email, but I wanted to let you know that,yes, the Leadora you turn on is my street! In fact, if you've ever been to downtown Glendora, you've probably driven by it! :)

  5. thks for sharing.. such beautiful photos.... wow... beautiful... xo thks for sharing these! that first pic of your mom is so so beautiful! she is so beautiful.. still! xo hugs

  6. What delights and that mom and dad of yours! So sweet! I think you have your mom's eyes. :)

  7. I have the same silver bird salt and pepper shakers. They belonged to my mother in law.
    Donna G

  8. Hubba, Hubba! (that was what was actually written by someone in my mom's yearbook circa 1947!


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