Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

I've got a thing for mirrors.
 Especially old ones with etching.
They, among other things, have me at hello.
The little wall at the foot of our main hallway needed some brightening up.
Mirrors were just the ticket!  Seriously Adorable.

(You didn't think I'd do it without being clever did you?)

I collected the mirrors from garage sales and an occasional sale in May and early June.
You haven't seen them because I didn't take pictures of every sale. (gasp!)
It's been so rainy that I haven't brought my camera along each Saturday.

The frames I have had forever and just pulled them out of my stash.
I simply printed the "Mirror Mirror" from my computer. 
Would the evil queen mind?

Here's a before pic of the hallway.
As always, I played with the layout before I hung it.
I'm sure to find more and add a few.
I had to hang them high enough so the kids won't destroy them....

Who's the fairest of them all?

Why, me of course!!

xo Jeanne


  1. I love all your mirrors! I so badly want some vintage etched mirrors but I'm having such a hard time finding any (affordable ones that is!). Guess I should hit some garage sales!

  2. Such a cute post! I love mirrors too, and would love to hang them all over the house. To me, mirrors are like adding jewels to the room because they reflect...not necessarily because I want to look at myself all the time! lol! In fact, although I love them, I try to avoid looking in them as much as possible! :)

  3. I really like what you did with the framed saying. I too have several mirrors hung. People probably think I'm in love with myself. But they just brighten up a place.

  4. Of course you are the fairest one of all... It's YOUR blog my pretty.
    Another friday's favorite for sure :-)


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