Sunday, June 26, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Mailbox.

I confess. The jig is up.
This is a really bad row of mailboxes. 
It's just crazy to have something this decrepit anywhere near
the 'ol bees knees bungalow. I like old rusty things, but this ain't it.
Disclaimer:  The steel posts were here long before I was

 Our house is over 60 years old.
The original owners had a nearby welding shop.

I'm sure they whipped this baby up in no time...
and here it's been ever since. 
Serviceable in 1950.  Time to be redone in 2011.

Confession: The rustiest one is ours.
I'm sure it's been there as long as the house.  

Dude, this is pathetic.

It sits across the street from our house.
Sadly, our sweet neighbor who owns the property it sits on - passed away last summer.
He had always planned to make a new one.
(I miss him. We'd always yell; "hi neighbor!")

The job has passed to The Cabinet Maker (aka - husband).

 The old one has got to go.
  • We have the wood and all materials already.
  • I've checked with our City for specs.
  • We've drawn it up & measured it out.
(I've also bribed The Cabinet Maker accordingly.)

Hopefully over the 4th of July weekend,
we'll be celebrating a new row of mailboxes.

It will bring a tear of joy to my eyes!
(our mail lady may faint.)

xo Jeanne.


  1. yes it does not fit in with your neighborhood...will be anxious to see it finished!

  2. The old mailboxes do have a bit of charm about them, I guess, but I can definitely see why you would want something new! lol! Is it safe to ask how you bribe the cabinetmaker for all these wonderful projects?

  3. My natural charm and batting the big blue eyes..haha NOT.
    Actually building stuff is his ZEN.

    xo jeanne

  4. That IS an old mailbox post! I'm sure it will look wonderful when your dh is done with the new one!

    (Saw you at Dittle Dattle!)


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