Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Summer Ideas House: Pt III

First, a little girls room that is quite charming and colorful.
My favorite things: The window on the ceiling. The desk made from an old fence.
The garden fence as valances.
A very happy room.

The Master Bedroom.
Loved the wall color. It's 'Favored One' by Hersfield's. In person it is so relaxing.
The oars are awesome. Loved the jewelry display.

The bathroom is good.
With that big window, you can't go wrong.
Loved the frames. I totally dig the 'TP'
The garden trellis on the wall... I like it.

One of my favorite rooms was the media room.
It was hip and creative.
Though a white sofa wouldn't live to day 2 in my house.
I liked light fixture wrapped with film, The film canister
The very cool wire shelving unit.
The TV wall with the tar paper backdrop and slide canisters.

The Boys Room. Skateboard themed.
Excellent paint job. Stripes and taping of colors was done well.
The chalkboard skate boarders is cool.

There you have it.
The Bachman's 2011 Summer Ideas house is done.
(my idea barometer is going wild with things I can't wait to try.)

xo Jeanne

*Please note*
I had no participation in the designs/decor of this house.
The house is for show only and I am merely a spectator.


  1. Love love love this space! The little girl's room is darling!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing house! I particularly love the little girl's room. I just made a whole bunch of pompoms for a party, and my girls have requested to have them hung above their beds! What great ideas!

  3. I love this house, will have to check if it will be open in August or September when I'm going up north. You've included some different pictures than other blogs, love the bathroom ideas and the canoe headboard.

  4. love this blog you have such col ideas love the girls room comforter where did you find it !

  5. I love the girls room! Where did you find the bedding?

    1. Did you ever find the bedding? I've been looking all over the Internet for it!

  6. Would love to know where to get the butterflies on the wall!

  7. Would love to know where to get the butterflies on the wall!

  8. Would love to know where to get the butterflies on the wall!

  9. I was jus wonder how you made the hanging shelves in the little girl room!

  10. Your Style is AMAZING AWESOME. I love it. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  11. The paddle backboard in your bed looks really great, it's definitely a wonderful piece.

  12. I love how each room has at least one repurposed, upcycled item. While redecorating my apartment for rent in Makati, I realized that redecorating need not be expensive.

  13. I love these bedroom summer ideas. These room concepts are perfect for young individuals. I would like to make my son's room just like the one with a paddle backboards. I am going to continue searching for affordable
    Makati apartments for rent and once I've decided to get one, decorating session must definitely follow.

  14. How do you make pompoms would love to make some for my daughters room.

  15. I really love the flower pillow covers! That room looks like a garden because of that fence.

  16. I was wanting to know how to make the hanging boards with the fabric for stuffed animals?

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  18. I really like the idea of the metal lockers. Do you know where I could buy them?

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  20. The oars. Oh my gosh.. the OARS! I may or may not start hunting for oars in antique shops, yard sales, etc. Brilliant.

  21. Can you please tell me where you found the lockers at? ive been searching all over for them!

  22. All rooms look so pretty with the uncommon designs, media room is so amazing.

  23. Beautiful rooms. I love the photographs. essay samples writer Matt

  24. I love this space! The little girl's room is darling!

  25. Hi, I love the oar headboard. Can you please give me tips on how to make one?


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