Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. Paul Garage Sales: Rain or Shine.

We can't help it. We're die hard.
We were pretty spoiled with Minneapolis a few weeks ago when it was sunny and warm.

However, the past two weekends Decorating co-captain Linda
and me have trudged it in the rain.
Downside: we get soaked. Upside: fantastic deals.
Last Saturday's haul:
Oh happy day!
Linda picked up this totally fantastic Hoosier for.........$40.  Caaaaching!!
Complete with the enamelware top.
The gal selling it had even put the missing handle in the drawer.
It is dreamy and the score of the day.

The Eiffel Tower, my daughter MK scored for a buck.

You may notice a few things that I have already put up on my wall of frames.
The old black frame was .50 cents at a charity sale. 

The completely fabulous vintage The Price Is Right game
 with the awesome game cards was $1.00.
(The price was really right!)

For the cool 7-Up crate, I paid.......$3. It's awesome.

Linda uses the small vintage muffin tins to hold jewelry supplies.....3 for $3.

Sooo many things were .50 cents or a dollar. The rained helped with our bargaining.
The window screens and the old coal bucket were from 'free' piles.  We love free.

They'll be used for something fabulous.
(the hosta, i bought)

We were pooped but happy we'd decided to brave the rain, it totally paid off.

The clouds parted like magic just as we were done.
The sun actually came out - no small feat as we've had days and days of clouds here.

We're glad the snow is gone, but we'd really love some warm sunny days!
(and more fabulous garage sales.)

xo Jeanne 


  1. Well I would have to agree it paid to go out rain or not! I think you scored some wonderful goodies. Looks like a whole lot of fun~ oxox, Diane

  2. Oh wow Id be still smiling too awesomeness!! Now a Hoosier is that cupboard right?

  3. Get out! hoosier for $40 buckaroos! Score! all the other pretties are pretty fab too! I have teh SAME 7 up crate - don't ya love the colors!

    jealous again!

  4. SCORE!!
    Love all your finds.
    I so love the Price is Right game.
    Thanks for sharing your loot.

  5. Amazing deals! The Hoosier is wonderful and what a steal. Looks like it definitely was worth going out on the ran for.

  6. Very nice socre on the hoosier!!!
    Fun finds on the other goodies too.

  7. Wow! Great finds at great prices. Congrats.

  8. Hi Jeanne - amazing finds at amazing prices! How did you all get so lucky???

    Happy Friday!

  9. Great finds. Looks like a great day at the sales! Thanks for linking to my Share the Love link party!

  10. Wow what a great find! Looks like a fun day. Thanks for letting me go shopping with you. Nice post.


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