Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party Time: Sangria & Lilacs

Last winter's Progressive Dinner Party went so well
we decided to do it again, this time in Spring.
My house was stop #2.
 I went a little wacko with a table display.

I randomly bunched up a few of my vintage table cloths as a backdrop.
  • The 7-up crate and frame - I found at the last garage sale spree.
  •  I found the pitcher/glasses set at one of my favorite shops, La Garage. 
  • Also, the blue tin that holds the ginormous foxgloves.
(They're going in my garden any day now.)

The cool frame is also from the last garage sales - $1.
I just printed the 2 with the circle. It is 'k' in the font - Webdings 2.

As you can see I went a bit lilac crazy.
I couldn't help myself.
Lilacs are in full bloom here & they are everywhere.
I nabbed these from a neighbor's tree.
Tip:  They last for days if you hammer the end of their stems then put them in water.
I've found a few more silver pots at recent sales.
It was fun to use them in a new mantel set-up.

A few more deals:
I actually found old clocks!
 No small feat as they are tough to find these days.
The two bigger ones were .50 cents each. score.
The smaller one was $3.00 

One last detail.
I scored the aqua Ball canning jars for .25 cents each.
Plus - the tin tops for .10 each. 

The details: For my course I served,
Plan a party!
xo Jeanne


  1. How gorgeous!!!! The mantle looks so pretty and I am sure your house smells so wonderful! Your table had to be the prettiest!

  2. Love your idea of the glasses in the bottle crate! I too found several of those crates at a yard sale recently and in the interest of full disclosure, I think I'm going to have to copy your idea :-)

    Thanks for the inspiration! I wish I knew about hammering lilacs - mine are done for the season but they were so lovely to have around.

  3. Oh my, your bundles of blooms everywhere took my breath away! I am all for going a little crazy! (My blog title will attest to that.) You did a beautiful job! Hooray for you!

  4. May I say that your mantel is spectacular?? Just gorgeous!!

    I think you done goodwith your presentation for the dinner and you can never go wrong with Sangria as far as I am concerned ;)

  5. I bet your house was the best stop! Simply beautiful!

  6. You should also post pictures from Linda's house! I'm her stepdaughter and I love seeing the pictures you post of your adventures with her and of her house and yard.


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