Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Linda's House: The new window box.

If you had a dear friend and neighbor who had a darling house like this,
wouldn't you pop by on a walk every now and then?
How could you resist?
This is my Decorating co-captain Linda's house.
In Spring and Summer it is especially easy to drop by and see
what fantastic new pot she's planted
or a cool new plant she's added to her gardens.

Tuesday night was just such a night, lucky for me!
Her fab window box was waiting and so was a margarita.
(double lucky and tasty too!)

On this evening, I'd popped by with my camera in hand to see
the new big window box with the antique tin.
Linda has been planning this for some time.
The ceiling tin was purchased last summer with this very purpose in mind.
The flowers have just been planted.
Picture them with time to grow and spilling over the edge.

 Then once at the darling house, one must look around further.
You can't possibly stop at the new window box.
It's like eating just one chip, you can't have just one.....

Oh yes, not only is there a fountain,
but a darling little 'potting shed' too.
Though the shed is far from merely potting

 It's actually completely decorated inside.
I'll save that for another time..... (I am sooo mean!)
Really, I'll take new pics when everything is in full bloom.

I'll just have to drag myself over there again.
It's pretty tough to take... having to sit among darlingness,
sipping margaritas and cracking each other up.

Thanks Quandie, for letting me pop by.
{i owe you one. put it on my tab}
xo Jeanne


  1. Love it! I had window boxes on my porch but they rotted away. I need to make more. I miss them. Thanks for sharing. 8>)

  2. Oh no...what a teaser you are. I'm dying to see the inside. I have a shed myself that I purchased at Home Depot last year. I need some inspiration on how make it cuuuute.

    Gloria in Virginia


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