Friday, May 13, 2011

Annuals {time2plant}

One of the high points of my year is getting to plant Annuals.
What can I say, I get excited by the little things!?
Living in Minnesota, it's a big deal when you see
the garden centers opening for the season.
I simply cannot resist the color.  happiness.

This week, I gathered my supplies played in the dirt.
I filled {two} planters.

For #1, I used folded burlap to hold the dirt.
You can buy this is rolls at a home store or garden center.
  • I just cut a big piece, folded it twice, and layered it.
  • I put one more piece on the bottom.
  • I put a layer of potting soil in.
  • Then I 'posed' my plants in to see how I'd like them.


To plant I keep a bucket full of dirt and a bucket full of water at hand.
  • I start at the back of the planter, then just go around and plant one at a time.
  • I pull the plant from it's container and dip the whole rootball into the water bucket.
  • I grab dirt from the bucket and fill in as I go.
  • When all done, I water the whole thing.
Here's this one all done:

For #2, I used an old metal tub I pilfered from a friend's junk pile last year.
(thanks D!! and no you can't have it back!! tee hee)
  • First, I took a hammer and a big nail and punched some drainage wholes.
  • To fill the whole thing w/ potting soil would make it super heavy and expensive.
  • So instead, I used the discarded plastic from the first planter and used alluminum cans.
  • (the garden center recommended this - awesome idea)
  • Then did the same thing- filled it w/ dirt and arranged how'd I'd like them.
 The fab tub:

The big bags in the top picture are cocoa shell mulch. They are about $6 a bag.
I filled my garden beds with this.  They keep weeds down and my perennials love it.
I do it early in the season before the plants get too big and unruly.
  •  First I sprinkle Preen to prevent weeds.
  • Then, just pour out the cocoa shells and spread it around.
It smells like chocolate or a big mocha latte'. yum!
It does stay this red/brown color long.  It darens to a deep brown.

On a day off work, I worked from about 11:00 to 2:00.
I was able to do both planters, the cocoa shells
and clean up before the kids got home from school.

Fabulous Accomplishment.

Here's why I love this particular garden center so much:
The inside: A fantastic sight after a long, grey winter.

Right outside: A fantastic view.

And finally.
Home Sweet prefer Spring.

Teaser: Garage Sales Tomorrow - yes!!

xo Jeanne.


  1. Love the picture of the view out the back of Country Sun. So lovely.

    Your planters turned out great, I've never used the 'dip in water' method when planting. Good idea.


  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I love your gardening ideas. I'm not very good at that sort of thing, but will be watching for your "lessons".

  3. If I had used the pop can idea, I might actually be able to move my pots around on the deck. ;0) Thanks, I will definitely remember that for the next time I fill a planter!!

  4. Your plants are gorgeous. I love your mix of plants.

  5. Had to lol when I saw someone else use coke cans just like me! :) Love your blog and with the dreary weather we've had in NI, your beautiful planters brightened my rainy morning!

  6. Great ideas!! love the burlap idea as a liner.
    came from pinterest. still trying to find photo I want to look at closer.

    barbara jean

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! The burlap liner is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Your blog is wonderful and beautiful eye candy!

  8. I will use the can idea when I plant my tomatoes in five gallon pails! Thanks!


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