Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nasty Ceiling Secret

Ohhh, this is a dirty little secret.
A few years ago when my three oldest were tiny - my daughter walked into the kitchen and said:
"Mama, it's raining in the bathroom."
She was right. Water was literally raining from the bathroom above it.
That darling little sentence started a whirlwind of bathroom ceiling repairs. 
It's been great fun.

A few repairs later...Not quite really sure it will never leak again,
I can safely say that the repairs were never quite finished.
And for a good 4 years -in my very cute bathroom- the cieling has looked like this:

Okay, so that's not the picture I wanted to show. 
I took a bunch of before pics and somehow
they have been lost and or cannot be transfered from my SD card. Sigh.
But in the interest of me needing sleep,
I am substituting with this old picture with a hint of the horrid ceiling. Look close, it's there.

I have just hoped that when ever we had company -
they just did not look up when they pee'd. 

I will show the whole bathroom soon,
fab new ceiling, darling chandelier and doo-dad heaven.

Easter Brunch is at my house on Sunday
and finishing that $#@!! ceiling is my bargaining chip.

Happy Wednesday.
(i crack myself up.)
xo Jeanne.


  1. You will feel like the bees knees when its all fixed wont you ? lol

  2. Of course the guests didn't look up while they pee'd, they were too busy being worried that someone could see them through the window!

    Or was that just me?


  3. Miss Quandie Dickhausen. How nice to see you. I KNEW you'd say that! See, the window was just a diversion to keep eyes focused downward. Who needs a window covering when the drywall tape is hanging down? Ha!
    xo Lacqui Shingledecker

  4. And Yes Nelly, I will feel very bees knees-ish. Giddy with happiness. Though the giant brown water spots have added such charm. What will I ever do without them?

    xo J.

  5. I feel your pain only it was in my laundry room...I know it will be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!

    We should host more gatherings at our homes because that is really when we kick it in and get stuff finished isn't it??

    Lou Cinda


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