Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ceiling meets Chandelier. Love.

Now my guests can look up.
Yes! The bathroom ceiling is finished. (finally)
I'm loving the color
 Behr, Embellished Blue.

 Ceiling Before:
(as close I as I could get -  picture giant water spots,
no crown moulding and drywall tape hanging down, lovely.)
I looked at it for 4 yrs.... I don't need a picture.
* please bow your head and observe a moment of silence as I feel my sanity return*

Below: Quite the fantastic find at $22.
This puppy's come along way from sitting sad and lonely in that box at a garage sale.
She's been spray painted black and her prism's polished.

Chandelier Before:
I painted the drippy plastic candle tubes. Nothing fancy, just white.
For the black paint, I used a basic flat black spray. I already had it on hand.
4 prisms were missing. I replaced them from my stash.

I haven't seen this shape of prism before, have you?
They look like ladybugs.

I'll show the whole bath when it's clean and happy - the Easter guests coming and all.
It will explain why I have a black chandelier in there.

Why be normal?!
(be yourself.)

xo Jeanne


  1. Yay on the new ceiling love the colour you chose and that chandelier wowzer

  2. I love the idea of doing white bathroom walls with a pop of color on the ceiling!

  3. LOVE the new ceiling color! Mine is screaming for some attention...great idea!

  4. <3 that ceiling colour! WIsh I could paint my house with that, its beautiful!

  5. Ohhh just love it!! Love the color on the ceiling~ love the chandelier!! Sharing this on Facebook~ Thanks for sharing at FNF! Have a Happy Easter! :)

  6. Love the color. Just beautiful


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