Monday, April 18, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Spring Ideas House - Part IV

Yikes! Part IV.
The last one, I promise.
I took more pics than I thought.  All good though.
Here is the rest of the house.
In the bedroom:  Antique tin ceiling tiles make up the headboard.
I liked the little chandelier hung on cool brackets - the cords hidded by the tin.

Decorating co-captain Linda dug these large old spools.
They're hung on the wall and repurposed for hanging necklaces.
Very cool.

The craft room is pretty cool.
The pinks and greens are very welcoming.

This post-it note calendar is super functional.

The table is made of:
Legs: porch columns on the left.
Table:  a door.
 Legs: pink file cabinets on the right.

I liked these old windows made into bulletin boards.
The storage table is cuter than any I've got.

 The bathroom had these two features I liked:
The old step stool and the 'framed shoe horns' as towel hooks.

Back outside.
Here in Minnesota it's still too early to plant window boxes. Sigh.
But they had a cool display to get us gardeners excited and hopeful.
We liked the watering cans stuck in there too fill space.

The house numbers.

Overall the designers at Bachman's did a great job!
Thanks to Bachman's to opening it up for those of us who love
to find inspiration in paint and all things decore.
I am already looking forward to the Summer Ideas House.


xo Jeanne
Lastly, here is the link to Bachman's.

I did not have anything to do w/ the designs in The Bachman's Ideas House.
I was merely a tourist. To answer a few questions:
Yes, the calender is cool and they sell
the Day of the week magnets
at Bachman's - link above.

The tin ceiling headboard:
It was for sale when I toured the house.
 If you are interested in vintage tin, I know it can still to be found.
For my own tin ceiling in my kitchen, we bought it from a farmer at an antique show,
the whole load for $200.
OR can can buy new stuff and Home Depot, paint and scuff it up!

Hope this helps!


  1. what a great work room you have created!! I love the post it calendar!

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally want to steal that headboard idea! I love it! I've been searching high and low for a headboard, they're either too expensive or not what I want. Was this costly to do???

  3. Jeanne, in a previous post, the blue boy room with the orange accent? Yours?
    I'm pinning all this for future reference! Thanks :)


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