Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bachman's 2011 Spring Ideas House - Part III

Heading upstairs.
Hanging on the wall are cool old metal grates. So cool and chippy.
Old family pictures attached with vintage earrings repurposed into magnets. 

I loved this arrangement over the stairs window.
I currently have a thing for vintage mirrors.

Below: At the top of the stairs are these neat pully/floral thingies.
And the hook with the flower jar thingies.
Both would be fun for a party or if you love fresh flowers around.

This season it was pretty traditional.
Two child's bedrooms. The bathroom. An adult bedroom and a craft room.

The Girl's Room:
The wall is done with ribbons, mirror flowers at the ribbon crossing w/ a flower in the center.
Notice the pink stools topped with glass to make tables.  The buckets are super easy to do.
The pink chippy hutch is fab.  The wall as ballerina mirrors is quite fun. 

 The Boy's Room:
This room is my favorite. Tons of ideas.
This is where my light bulb went on for the basket light in my own son's room.
Love the suspended bridge.  The pullies holding the crates.
The crates and the walls shelves. The big sliding door as the headboard.
 Maps as the valances.  The whole map desk area is fab.

I'll have to add the remaining bedroom, bathroom and a few more extras on a 4th post.
All good!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend {thingies.}

xo Jeanne

Here is the Link to Bachman's.


  1. Wasn't this a great house? I always really enjoy it!

  2. Wow, lots of inspiration all the uses of the pulleys. I have a little "stash" of them waiting for a job...will have to put them to work.
    One of these days I'll make it to the show...I only live and hour away :) Enjoy your day! Laurel

  3. OMGOSH, so many fabulous ideas here! Pinning so I can come back for some guidance ;)


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