Sunday, March 13, 2011

Linda's House: The New Pantry.

Decorating Co-Captain Linda recently re-did her pantry. 
 She was kind enough to take me along for the ride.
It's dreamy.

Her home was built in 1904.
The pantry space is in the spot where her basement stairs lead down to the laundry room.
The spot she had to work with is only 13 inches deep.
There's not much space, but she didn't let that stop her. 
See this fabulous transformation in the before and after pics:

 {During} The walls and ceiling were re-plastered and painted.
The wall color is Martha Stewart's 'Rainwater.'

Linda's very handy neighbor built the shelf. 
Linda painted it before installing it.  Martha Stewart's 'Glass of Milk.'
Then she did her magic with great placement of so many wonderful things.

How about storing your candles in a vintage pitcher?
Or your soaps in a cool glass vase? 

 On the opposite wall facing the new white shelves is a wall where Linda painted a chalkboard.
This was my cue to step in.
I painted a twist on her last name - standing precariously on a plank.


 With the shelves against a wall and above a staircase, you may be wondering -
How does she reach the stuff?
Linda & her husband are tall.  Reaching is not a problem.
This is a great spot to store entertaining dishes and supplies (wine).
 Now so fresh and bright.

Last but not least..

This is the adorable doorknob that opens the door to this pretty space.
The other side says "IN."

Going to Linda's is always a pleasure.
(really truly!)

xo Jeanne.


  1. ohhh lovely! I'm adoring all the fresh clean lines and the garden accents - I'm all over that! thanks so much for sharing..

  2. Thanks for featuring my new pantry!

    I'm in love with all of it.


  3. Love it!...I want to start working on my pantry, and this gives me some great Ideas, thanks for sharing your friend(Linda's)pantry re-do!
    I'm visiting from Dittle Dattle "Amaze Me Monday".

  4. How cute is your friends pantry! I just love the "in" and "out" knob!! I so need to get motived to work on mine now :)!

  5. Nice use of space. I didn't understand at first it was actually built around the stairwell. Wondered what that hole was about! Dropping by from Met Monday. When you have a few minutes, I hope you'll come see the French chairs I had recovered.


  6. What a great use of space ... love it! All of the accessories are so cute ... love the candles in the jar and what a great knob! *Becca*

  7. Hi there!! I painted a huge mirror in the rainwater and am wanting to do the kitchen.....wondering, do you find that it looks more green or blue? I was wanting a vintage aqua color and my mirror looks more blue. Anyway, wondering if lighting affects yours because I see more of the green coming out. Let me know, thanks!!!! -Heidi


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