Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy Bobbleheads Batman!

 Girls, you may want to have 'your sports dudes' take a look at this.
I don't feel too bad collecting vintage tablecloths and pillow cases
 when The Cabinet Maker has this goin' on in the basement:

He's collected all baseball team's bobbleheads going back to 1964.
Every team "except a few expansion teams" - he says.

He has most of their original boxes. They're cool and he loves them. 
Content to be collecting dust, they keep on bobbing and smiling.
So you see why I am a plate-oholic. 
When you've got this happening in your house - plates are easy to store.

 Clearly - he's got me beat in the collecting category.
Dude's think their cool.
{I think their cool in the basement.  ha!}

xo Jeanne

(yes, in the 1st pic - those are his glass baby bottles that his mother saved.)


  1. Ha ha I think they are lovely.How cute is it that he collects them.

  2. What a great guy collection!! I am sure there are a lot of baseball fans that would love to see this. They are cute....and there is a lot of them! I have plate issues here too.....thank goodness my husband does not collect anything!

  3. That is an incredible collection. Wow! I love them.


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