Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gift Basket Idea

I made a gift basket for a colleague at work who recently had surgery.
I had a theme of 'comfort and get well soon.'

Hopefully this will help her to feel better in a jiffy.
To make it thought of these things:
  • her favorite color
  • yummy scented soaps we don't usually buy for ourselves
  • nice lotion & body wash
  • a book and a movie
  • a few comfy pairs of socks
  • big cozy towels
  • chocolate!
  • a journal
I went with an orange theme (her fav).  
It was easy for me to collect stuff in the same hue.
Sticking to a color theme always makes a basket look fab.

Wouldn't this be fun to have delivered to your door?

{I hope she likes it!}

xo Jeanne

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