Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teenage Daughter's Room - Done!

 Sweet 16.
Sorry, no before pics on this one.
Imagine clothes, books, a laptop, more clothes and you're there.
Oh,  the walls were pale yellow - and spattered with different colored paint.
(another one of dad's ideas when I wasn't home. sigh.)
But this is a whole new deal:

{Here's the scoop}
  • MK- (daughter) - has been collecting vintage album covers for a few months.
  •  I hung them on the wall with double sided adhesive squares.  Scotch brand - $2.99 a pack. I used 2 packs.
  • I tweaked the faux headboard to make it less clawish than when I started.  Way better.
  • The painted chalkboard is framed by cut-up album covers.  I didn't bother to measure- just eyed it.
  • The curtains were clearanced at Target - $2.54 a piece- score! The ties are just ribbon - 4 yrds per window.
  • The Paris poster was given to me by my friend Jenny. Thanks Jen!
  • The big white mounted shelf unit is actually an upper we used in a hutch. We repurposed it.
  • For some reason the closet door was taken off a while ago (no memory of this...) but I've had the curtains w/ the puffy ball trim for a while... this seemed the perfect home for them.


I really like how the faux headboard shaped up.
The album by the standing lamp - we put a hook in the center.

It was a REALLY great way to have her clean out her dresser drawers..the dresser is now gone.
She was also able to clean out enough to get rid of a nightstand and plastic storage drawers.
MK is a great kid who deserves a great room.
She loves it.

xo Jeanne
aka Mama.


  1. It turned out so good! I love the doors to her room too! Her room will probably be the one that gets all the sleepovers! ;)

  2. What a great room. I love the records on the wall. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party.
    More The Merrier Monday.

  3. It is the perfect room for a teenager! What a lucky girl!

  4. i love the shelf/hutch on the wall-great idea. and that headboard! great room!

  5. Love the headboard...looking to do the same in my studio. Ummmm...i think those french doors need some covering up...especially if there will be sleepovers! lol

  6. No doubt those french doors will once again be covered up for "privacy", but then again, now that her room looks so awesome, she may not want to cover it up with a sheet ever again!
    Awesome job Jeanne! You're kids are so lucky to have such a creative mom!!

  7. What a great room! I need to redo my daughter's room and think you have some great ideas. I can't wait to try all the records, expecially the one with the hook in it. How genious!

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  8. Love this room. Great work! Just found your blog on the DIY Show-off.


  9. Wow! It's such a fun teen's room with a pretty retro vibe. I bet she loves it so much it'll stay clean too! (yea right - I redid my teen daughter's room last year and clothes are on the floor again...ugh!) lol The repurposed hutch is a great idea too!

    Great job! ;)


  10. Fun ideas with the vinyl records! Very clever ideas. Your daughter is so lucky to have such an awesome room!

  11. Jeanne! This is SO cute! I love it! The headboard is just genius, the albums are perfect and I LOVE LOVE the curtains on the closet door! Perfection!

    I know she will keep it this clean everyday! ;)

    Great Job!

    Lou Cinda

  12. Now this is a room any teenage girl could love! You've given it some real "hip" appeal, Jeanne.

    Thanks for linking to the party each week. Hope to have you join me for "Funny Faux Pas Follies" this Friday, as well.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  13. Love this room. It looks beautiful!


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